Get the FACTS About Losing Weight

Losing 20 Pounds In 2 Months

The real question isn't how to lose 20 pounds in 2 month, it's how to lose 20 pounds in a way that will actually work. Chances are most of the time you read a weight loss article, the information goes through one ear and out the other. We're all guilty of this. We decide we want to lose 20 pounds one day, and the next a craving for chocolate cake sneaks up. Game over.

So how do we lose 20 pounds in 2 months, and do it in a way that is achievable. The trick here is to forget what you know about dieting. That's right, dieting is the easiest way to hover past your weight loss goals and leave yourself worse off than when you started.

That's a bold claim, but hear me out.

Dieting has one thing in common, it is the idea that if we suffer know (and limit what we can and cannot eat) we will be happy later (with a think new body). This kind of mentality rarely works.

It's no wonder most diets fail, and why so many people cannot find the answer to their weight problem.

People by nature do not possess much willpower. It's not an insult, it's just our nature. So for a weight loss goal to be accomplished (in this case losing 20 pounds in 2 months) we need a different approach.

The Solution: The Successful Approach to Losing Weight.

It's simple, don't make a routine that will leave you unfulfilled. Now that doesn't mean you can have a bucket of french fries every day and still lose 20 pounds, that just won't happen.

It means making little unnoticeable changes to your LIFE (not a short term fix). Small changes that hardly effect your satisfaction, by over time make a big difference.

Think of it this way. Let say you put away $5 every day in a jar. Hardly noticeable in the scheme of things. But at the end of one year you will have saved up $1,825.

Approach weight loss in the same manner and I promise you will be successful. Look it may be tempting to follow the next link that promises you “20 pounds in 7 days.” But we all know where that road will go. The hype never turns into results. You can follow fad diets and other “fast methods to lose weight” for the next couple months and get absolutely no where (and most likely that will be the case).

Or you can start making small changes to your routine, right now, that will finally get you out of the dieting cycle. The choice is yours, keep doing what has been failing you, or try something new.

If you want to add some small steps to lose 20 pounds in a couple months, here are some ideas:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Getting 10 cups of water per day may sound simple, but you can lose a couple pounds a week. Sound impossible, try it! After one week you'll be able to see results. This is shown to work better than diet pills and you know what, IT COST YOU NOTHING!

  2. Eat an apple before lunch. You know how mom never let us have a cookie because it would spoil our appetite? Well, go ahead and spoil your appetite, but this time with an apple. The fiber in the apple will fill you up, making it less likely you overeat. Make sure you eat the apple at least 20 minutes before your meal. The best part about this tip, there's no calorie counting or portion control, just eat until you're full!

I urge you to at least consider what I said. I know many people are looking for the next magic diet trick, but this is the only way to permanent weight loss. Once you stop looking for a quick fix, weight loss will come. So what are you waiting for, give it a try.