The old fashioned method to a flat belly demanded that you do nothing but cardio exercises, count calories, and control. The fresh thinking...Relax and live a bit! You're more expected to follow a plan that permits you some pampering and really fits your life style. Plus, recent research demonstrates that you are able to shrink your stomach by drinking wine, eating carbs, and logging less hours at the gymnasium. These 6 gut-busting strategies will start you on the road to melt away the pounds so that you can say bye-bye to belly fat for good.

How to Lose Belly Fat - 6 Tips To Blast Belly Fat Away!

>>>> 1). Indulge in a glass of wine with your dinner...Throwing back a little booze does not condemn you to a beer belly, as a matter of fact, you may go through the opposite. Although wine, beer, and cocktails have long been synonymous of having nothing but [empty calories], a recent report discovered that women who had one to two servings of alcohol a day, no matter of the type, gained less weight and were less likely to get overweight as compared to their tee drinking counterparts.

>>>> 2). Stop doing all those sit-ups...Those 100s of sit-ups before bed won't get you any closer to a flat stomach. Not only do crunches place your lower back at jeopardy for harm, they just work only a little portion of your core. For a better, more complete abs routine, try the Swiss-ball rollout routine and the Swiss-ball pike.

>>>> 3). Shorten that cardio exercise routine...The tortoise had it all wrong, slow and steady does not all of the time win the race. If you get in your car, and you drive faster, you burn a lot more gas in a shorter period of time. Your body might burn more energy from an intense workout, since stressed muscles require a lot more fuel to repair and replenish.

>>>> 4). Get more sleep at night...They refer to it as beauty sleep and for good reason. Researchers viewed the relationship between sleep and weight gain over 5 years and discovered that people who slept for 5 to 6 hours a night gained approximately 4.5 pounds more than those who slept for 7 to 8 hours. Light snoozers were also more likely to get obese than routine sleepers.

>>>> 5). Eat at least 3 portions of dairy daily...Dairy sometimes gets the blame for being fatty, but eating yogurt, milk, and, yes, even cheese, might help you drop off that persistence spare tire. An International Journal of Obesity study determined that those people who were on a reduced-calorie diet and consumed about 3 cups of yogurt daily for 3 months lost a lot more weight than those who cut calories and took calcium pills.

What's more, the additional fat was taken principally from their stomachs. Yogurt eaters lost almost an inch and a half from their waistline, while the calcium pill eaters lost less than a quarter of an inch. Pretty amazing results hey?

>>>> 6). Go ahead and have carbs [Just choose them wisely]...Studies demonstrated that you don't need to go all-Atkins in order to lose some belly fat. On the contrary, snacking on the right carbs can really assist you in losing that weight. A recent study found that those who ate lots of whole grains [dark bread, brown rice, popcorn, bulgur wheat, and cereal fiber] were more inclined to have less overall body fat and belly fat than those who avoided it.

Be Healthy and Lose Weight...By contributing more whole cereals and grains as list above to your diet may help you to cut down on other fat filled foods. Whole grains are laden with fiber, which adds volume to your meals without giving you all the calories, and are more difficult to digest. Translation...You'll feel fuller longer when eating whole grains instead of the refined kind.