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To lose body weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in right? Sounds easy, but that was not my case the last few weeks. Has this happened to you? You have been following a good diet plan and fitting in exercise when you can, you have been working very hard, the scale is moving downwards, but slowing down, and now it has stopped! Before you say, "why bother" and grab that ice cream, try this:

Things You Will Need

A working scale!

Make sure that whatever scale you purchase that you use the same scale each week.  Different scales may vary by a pound here or there and if you want to chart accurate weight loss results then you need to use the same scale each week and at the same time of day for best results.Lose Body WeightCredit:

Willing to try something a little different to lose body weight?


Step 1

Hitting a plateau in your weight loss goals, is very frustrating. You keep up your exercise, you work hard at an awesome diet, and then the scale just stops, it doesn't seem fair!

Does this sound familiar? Well here is a way to lose body weight, and move that scale without much stress.

1. Eat most of your calories in the early part of the day.

2. This sounds easy, but it does work.

3. Ever heard the saying "Eat Like a King for Breakfast, a Queen for Lunch and a Pauper for Dinner? Switch it up a bit, eat a bigger meal at breakfast or lunch, try and eat all your carbs by then as well. So that in the afternoon, if you need a snack you choose a protein.

4. Have a "lunch" at dinner, maybe a protein and some salad, if you have been having dessert, make sure and have it at lunch instead.

5. By mixing up your day a bit, you will give your body a chance to burn off some extra calories before bed.

That is it! After one week, my scale finally started to move again.

To lose body weight and get off that plateau, sometimes you have to mix up your body a bit, I Lose Body Weight(132429)Credit: morguefile.comthink it gets quite comfortable in a routine and burns calories efficiently. We don't want that, we want more calories to be burned. So, every few weeks, it wouldn't hurt to add a new exercise or move your calories around.

You especially find the plateau happening as you get closer to your weight loss goals, so go ahead and switch things up a bit, fool your body, and get it burning again.

The above idea, doesn't drop any calories, you can still eat the same calories, just move them around in your day more, eat lots of them in the early part of the day. This may take some planning for lunch at work, but if you can create a good meal the night before to take to work, then just heat it up if you can. This way you only need a light meal at night.

Another great idea is to compete with yourself by getting a pedometer.  This will keep track of your steps and movements and the idea behind this is to accumulate as many steps as possible in a day to  help with weight loss.  

Research shows that 10,000 steps per day will lose weight.  So take the stairs, walk the dog, learn to accumulate the steps over the day.  At first you will watch the meter all the time until you get to realized just how many steps you have taken.  This is a great passive way to lose weight.

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