I have been selling vintage jewelry on Ebay for a little over a year. I have worked hard to achieve 100% feedback, and I am very proud of that fact! It's not that I haven't run into a few unsatisfied customers. I have, but I have been able to turn bad feedback around by promptly providing excellent customer service. However, this article isn't about my excellent feedback. This article is about my buying experiences on Ebay and the horrible customer service that I have run into. I will provide you with a list of deal breakers and things that will turn me away from an otherwise great item. 


How to Lose My Sale on Ebay

  • Don't respond to negative feedback: To keep my business, respond to all negative feedback. The first thing I do when I find an item on Ebay that I would like to purchase, is check the seller's feedback. I want to see good feedback, and that negative feedback was responded to. I want to know that if I have a problem, the seller is going to acknowledge that problem and possibly find a solution.
  • Respond to negative feedback by blaming the buyer: To keep my business, do not dis the buyer. Too many times I have seen seller's respond with negativity. Examples: "Bad buyer", "Likes to leave bad feedback", "Sellers beware", etc. I have seen seller's claim that the buyer is lying, outrageous, and/or unreasonable. I have passed up many good deals for this reason. Try to work with your buyer and come up with a solution that works for both of you.
  • Take blurry pictures: To keep my business, provide a picture that shows me the details of the item I want to buy. If you shop at my Ebay store, you will not find professional quality photos. I am not a photographer by far. However, I make sure that my pictures are not blurry and the buyer can see details including any flaws.
  • Don't accept bids from international buyers: I would say that more than 50% of my buyers are international. USPS has made it easy to ship international, and sellers can now print shipping labels for international shipments right from home.
  • Inflate your prices through shipping: Ebay now charges a fee on shipping. I charge what it actually costs me to ship plus $1 handling. I may lose a little on shipping since I buy bubble wrap shippers, paper and ink. However, I think I make up for it with an increase in sales.
  • Take your time shipping: To keep my business, ship my items right away. I'm usually waiting eagerly for my postman to deliver whatever it is that I've ordered. If you are slow on shipping, you will most likely get bad feedback and I will see that and not order anyway!  


In Conclusion...

Providing good customer service on Ebay will pay off in the long run. I have only had a few negative feedbacks. I was able to turn those around by working with the customer. Other problems were resolved before feedback was given. I stress in my listings and on my packing slips that I am willing to work with the customer if there is a problem. I state that I would like the opportunity to resolve any issues before my customers leave feedback. That is why I have 100% feedback at this time. I hope I can keep it up!