When you gain weight, fat starts to build up and the face is one area that can also be affected. As a result, a person will also have chubby cheeks and double chins due to facial fat. Fortunately, chubby cheeks may look fine for some but for others, it may appear like two tomatoes attached on each side of the face. Double chins can also emerge if there is an excess fat on a person's face. When people have double chins, it's difficult to identify their facial structures that is why some people want to lose fat effectively in their faces.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • Time and effort
  • Patience and dedication
  • Proper diet and exercise
  • Money for cosmetic surgery if this is your option
    • 1

      Exercise everyday so that you can burn the fat in your entire body. When you'll do a regular exercise then you're making your body leaner and also lose fat in your face. Do some aerobic exercises like jogging, dancing or brisk walking. You'll just be surprised that one day when you look into the mirror, you can see a slimmer face and body. 

      Perform a regular aerobic exercise to help you lose weight. Remember that regular exercise needs to be a part of your lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy weight. Usually, people close to you will immediately notice that you lose the weight through your facial appearance. Exercise and proper diet can effectively lose overall body fat. Losing facial fat takes a lot of time and effort, but the natural procedure does help if you want to firm and trim up your face effectively.

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      Eat fresh vegetables and fruits to keep you healthy and therefore help you lose weight. Adding fiber in your diet can help your entire body more leaner. Avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates and refined sugar. Carbohydrates and refined sugar could lead water retention in the face.

    • 3

      Decrease the medications that can contribute to water retention in your body. If you'll change your intake of medication, you need to visit your doctor and ask if this option will be good for you.

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      Drink more water. Sometimes you may think that you're hungry but your body is just thirsty. When you drink enough water, it can also take your hunger away, therefore it keeps you from overeating and you can lose fat not only in your whole body but also in your face. 

      Drinking enough water will not only help you reduce fat in your face but prevent it from bloating where your cheeks become puffy. This is the body' s response to water deprivation. In order to avoid this, try to drink eight glasses of water everyday.

    • 5

      Drink milk instead of alcohol. Excessive alcohol intake can add more calories in your body, while drinking non-fat milk everyday will help you lose fat in your body including your face.

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      Decrease your salt intake. Salt causes bloating or water retention so it's best for you to cut back on salt. Avoid salty foods especially those crispy and oily chips. It's difficult to lose fat effectively in your body and face if you love to eat junk food.

    • 7

      Brush your face with the right colors of foundation. This will only be most effective for women especially if they apply facial make-up aiming to make the chin and cheeks look slimmer.

    • 8

      Do some simple facial exercises because this could reduce cheek fat and tone the muscles of the face. These simple facial exercises also help stimulate blood flow. You can begin doing this short exercises with your mouth closed. Next, puff your right cheek, hold it for about 5 to 7 seconds and relax your facial muscles. 

      Do the same with the left cheek and repeat this procedure 4 times for each side. Open your mouth wide, then let your lower jaw move up and down in circular motions in order to exercise the lower facial muscles and also your chin.

    • 9

      Talk to your hairdresser about a stylish cut that will draw attention away from your round face. Most of the time, a good hairstylist can even hide a part of your round face making it look leaner. You'll look better if you have the appropriate hairstyle for your face. Expert hairdressers know which is the right style that is best suited for an individual's face shape so it's better to ask them.

    • 10

      Consult a surgeon who's expertise is mainly focused on facial liposuction. Plastic surgery will make your cheeks thinner and it can outline the cheekbones on your face. Cosmetic surgery like a facial liposuction will target and remove unwanted fat deposits on the cheeks. If you already tried the natural way but you're still not satisfied with the result then cosmetic surgery may be your last resort. 

      A surgical procedure could be risky especially if you're diabetic, so it's best to consult your doctor before attempting to undergo with this kind of procedure. It could involve the removal of excess facial fat on your cheeks and chin for a leaner facial appearance.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some people have fat cheeks because these come with their own genetics therefore it's really hard to lose fat on the face. Cheek fat can build up under the chin, along the sides of the face and neck. 

    Even if these people only gain a little weight, their faces will easily become bigger. Some of them will just ignore these facial fat and wait till they age since faces will usually thin out as people grow older.

  • For those who want to choose the natural method, it's important to lose fat off the face in a slow process accompanied by dedication, time and patience because it's really hard work . If you want an instant change then you need to prepare for a big budget for the facial surgical procedure and think of the additional expenses after the surgery.

  • Facial liposuction is an immediate way of getting rid of fat in your face but be sure that if you'll undergo with this procedure, your face should be taken care of by a well-trained and experienced surgeon so that you'll be satisfied with the result. Remember that this type of procedure could be very expensive and painful too.