3 out of 4 people want to lose weight at one time or another. Everyone is different therefore everyone needs to take a different approach to lose weight. Weight loss can be accomplished a variety of ways, all you need is the right knowledge. You can lose weight, with a little direction and help.

Things You Will Need

Diet Plan
Exercise Plan

Step 1

Become motivated to lose weight! If you are not motivated, then weight loss will never come to you. You can find your motivation a variety of ways. What would you like to do that your weight is keeping you from doing? What size would you like to be? How do you want to look? Do you have children and if so, what activities are hard for you to do with them being overweight? Motivation does not have to be one thing but can be many things. Whatever your motivation is, write it down and remind yourself of it everyday.

Step 2

Find a diet plan that will work for you and stick to it! There are four main types of diet plans: low calorie, low carb, low fat and very low calorie. You must change your eating habits if you want to lose weight. Try all four diet plans to see which is easier for you to lose weight with. For me, a low carb diet was the easiest and worked the fastest. I followed the Fat Loss Secret plan and it worked for me. Like mentioned above, everyone is different! Find a plan you can succeed on and stick with it!

Step 3

Chose an exercise plan to follow in addition to your diet plan. You will lose weight on a strict diet plan alone but you will not lose the maximum amount and will hit a plateau without exercise. Exercise isn't just essential to lose weight but it is mandatory for overall health. There are millions of exercise plans out there, do not become overwhelmed. Health experts agree that weight loss is better achieved if you constantly change your workout. Keeping your body changing in the way it moves builds muscle quicker and burns fat faster. The workout plan that I used to lose weight is the Turbulence Training Exercise plan<. again="" everyone="" is="" different="" and="" you="" must="" chose="" something="" that="" can="" realistically="" stick="" with.="" research="" top="" rated="" exercise="" programs="" to="" lose="" weight="" remember="" constantly="" change="" them="" style="">

Step 4

Drink water! Water keeps you hydrated, keeps your muscles working better, helps with digestion and improves you overall health. Water has no calories, no carbs and no fat so it fits with every diet. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and especially during workouts. Water is an important key to lose weight.

Step 5

Keep a weight loss journal where you track your progress, your food intake and your overall emotions during your quest to lose weight. A journal will help keep you accountable and let you express your feelings during your weight loss. Weigh yourself every week and write it down to keep the motivation high. You should also measure yourself every week for motivation when the scale does not move. Write everything down in your weight loss journal!
The reasons to lose weight are just as important as the actual weight loss. I have lost over 100 pounds in less than a year and kept it off for almost a year. My reasons were to stay healthy for my children and to look good and therefore feel good.

Tips & Warnings

Always consult a physician before staring any weight loss program.