How to Lose Weight After Baby: Steps you Can Take

Those extra pounds that often hang around, for most new mothers, who have recently given birth can be a burden. Though your friends and family can tell you that it is a small price to pay for beautiful gift that came of it (which is true) it is still you that has to deal with it. This extra weight does not have to be a burden nor does it have to be something you spend the rest of your life dealing with.


Postpartum weight loss (after pregnancy) can be achieved in many different ways so there is a method to work with Lose Your Mummy Tummynearly any lifestyle and schedule restraints or limitations. Here we will go over some tips and suggestions on how to lose weight after baby. 


Breastfeeding: Some mothers are not aware of the fact that breastfeeding actually can help you to lose weight. What a wonderous way our bodies work! The average breastfeeding mother can burn upwards of 600 calories a day simply providing the best nutriotional option for their babies - a mother's milk. 


Nutritional Diary - this is simply a means of logging what you eat and when you ate it. This will come in handy to help you identify whether or not what you eat and when you are eating it is contributing to that extra weight and can assist you in keeping track of your caloric intake. It also provides a great reference and motivation when you do start seeing postpartum weight loss results.  (Be careful when dieting if you are breastfeeding. Discuss any diets or nutritional changes with your doctor or pediatrician first.) 


Household Chores: Who would have guessed that something many women do every single day out of necessity can also help you with postpartum weight loss and even assist you in toning certain parts of your physique. Well it is true and if this is news to you - here are a few tips to get you started!


How to Lose Weight After Baby: Household Chores and More (Incidental Exercise)

Incidental exercise is easiest described as exercise that is attained when it isn't the goal. So there are times that your body is getting a workout even though that isn't why you are performing the activity. One thing to keep in mind, as far as incidental exercise,  is that once you are aware of how this helps you can add a little extra something to it that won't put you out but can help your results.


Common Incidental Exercises:

Vaccuming (especially when you incorporate the tips below) is a fairly common daily chore in most homes. This common chore could be helping you get back to your pre-baby shape.

Laundry entails a lot more then most realize. From bending over to put in/switch loads or sorting it out to folding it - done right it can actually give you an unintended workout.

Climbing Stairs, whether putting away laundry, checking on baby or any other purpose can help tone muscle and eliminate some fat storage.

Walk in the Park, which also works wonders for calming a cranky newborn.


Adding more to your Incidental Exercises: Bending over, sitting up, walking or just standing tighten those tummy and buttock muscles - hold for a few seconds, release and repeat. This can give your mommy "pouch" (tummy) and buns a little extra work out  -it's almost like doing a sit up or crunch without having to get down on the floor.


Diet Changes or Awareness

Just about everyone is already aware of how drastically one's diet can affect their health and weight. This can be especially important to new and nursing mothers. A healthy diet can not only improve the quality of sleep that you get, which can have a major affect on weight gain and weight loss but by adhering to a healthy diet you will also be limiting fat and calorie intake. All these reasons make it an important part of how you can lose weight after a baby.  This goes great hand in hand with the nutritional diary.