You Can Do It

If you want to lose weight at home, and skip the expense and time of a gym, you can.

Remember that housework you have been meaning to do? Well why not combine the housework with a workout.

I know you are thinking "boring" But this can work. I call it your DIY Housework workout.

Things You Will Need

Here is what you need:

A list of chores that need doing in the house

Some cleaning supplies, such as mop, broom, cloth and cleaners etc

Some great get up and go music, either stereo or headphones

Even changing a bed and turning over a mattress can count for this!

Step 1


Make sure you have all your supplies ready, and then pick a chore to do first, such as mopping or sweeping the floor to get good and warmed up.

Put on your great get and go music and start putting all your muscle into the mopping or sweeping, you can even dance while you are doing this. (NOTE: You may want to be home alone for this, so as not to scare the family!) To lose weight at home, you need to get some power behind these moves.

As soon as you have finished with that chore, do NOT rest, move on to the next one, it could be anything you want, like cleaning the bathrooms, or the kitchen counter.. just put all your muscle into it. You can actually exaggerate the power to get your heart pumping. If the bathrooms are upstairs, then take the supplies up one at a time, to get a workout on the stairs.

This way you get a cardio workout and some resistance muscle training.. A good all round workout.

Vacuuming is good too, really give the vacuum a push, and if you are scrubbing, put both hands into it. Remember this is a workout as well, and you want to get your heart pumping. Think of it as a workout so that you are not just mindlessly dusting, get yourself pumping with the music!

Try and do this for about 1/2 hour, keep that music going, as this will keep you motivated. This is a great multi-tasking event. Not only are you getting a great workout, but you are also getting your house clean, and burning some calories to lose weight.

To lose weight at home, and for this to work, try and choose chores that need a bit of power behind them, rather than folding laundry or ironing. Save those for the cooling down period, or at the end of your chore list. Keep the music blaring, and really get into it. Find a good dance mix or something with a good beat, to keep you motivated. Turn it up loud so you can hear it all over the house, and maybe open a window or two for some fresh air.

Just scrubbing back and forth with two hands, can get your heart going, as you scrub away from you and then back. The bathtub or the floor can be good for this.

So, if you keep procrastinating about losing weight or working out, why not try to lose weight at home, with your housework, it is a FREE workout. I know it may not be as exciting as a well built personal trainer, but just think how clean your house will be!

Tips & Warnings

You may get used to this clean house and have to keep doing it! Or better yet, maybe get your kids to join you!