If you have been trying to figure out how to lose weight on your stomach, then these tips might help.

First of all, you can’t just pick your stomach to lose some fat off of, you need to be good to your body all over to lose that roll, but before you hit the back button in disappointment, there are some ways to make your stomach look and feel smaller without burning yourself out or starving yourself.  A lot of that extra belly you see in the mirror could be bloat from your diet, not just rolls of fat and it can account for pounds! 

So before you knock yourself out with all those sit- ups, find out more with these tips and see if they will help you.  So, how do you lose weight on your stomach?

It is called the food guide.  You know the one your local health department puts out?  You may think this is totally boring, but I can tell you from experience that eating the right foods without starving yourself works at bringing that stomach down.  You don’t have to cut out entire food groups, or exhaust yourself, you just have to eat good food. You don’t see sugar donuts, or take out fries in that food guide.   But we have all got into bad habits with quick foods, and it is time to slow down and really take a look at what we eat.

Fast Food – If you are going through drive thru’s for your supposed nutritious meals, then this can be one of the main causes of a fat and bloated belly.  Not only are you taking in huge amounts of sodium,(which will puff you up) but if you are also answering “yes” to “do you want fries with that?” and “do you want that supersized?” then the fat content will be going up and also your wallet will be going down.

Give this a try for a few weeks.  No fast food.  If you must have a burger, then make your own from lean ground beef, or chicken, or turkey, cook it well, and put it on a whole grain flat bread bun, or no bun at all.  You don’t have to have fries, but you could roast some sweet potato cut into fries.  There are ways around the fast food that won’t make you feel deprived.  But you do have to plan ahead.  You can substitute many fresh foods for the fast foods that taste just as good or even better! 

Packaged and Processed Foods – Shop in the outer aisles of your grocery store, this is where all the fresh food tends to be.  Once you venture into the center aisles you will be bombarded with adverts on just how much you need that package of mac and chees or sauce mixes, or the stuff you add to burger meat.  You can create similar meals at home with simple ingredients that won’t include the chemicals or the added sodium.

Whole Grains – Skip the white bread, and go for whole wheat, oats, spelt and more.  Most grocery stores will carry the whole grain breads.  Yes they may cost a bit more, but they will stick with you longer and help with that much needed fibre.

Just make sure you read the ingredient list on the bread.  Make sure the whole grain is listed first.  I came across a loaf of dark brown bread once, and was amazed to see the first thing on the list was “white flour” and “caramel food coloring”  So, this was basically white bread that had been “coloured” to look brown.  So when you first start down this road to health, you will need to allow some extra time in the grocery store until you get used to labels and your fresh ingredients.

Fruits and Vegetables – Fresh when you can.  If you can’t get fresh then get frozen.  Canned vegetables tend to have sodium, so try and stick to fresh or frozen.  Frozen berries are great too.  You can have them for dessert with thick Greek yogurt on them, and they taste great, or you can add a drizzle of natural maple syrup for a special treat.  But I firmly believe in the “apple and day keeps the Doctor away”  Buy organic when you can.

Water with LemonDitch the sodas, and start getting used to water with lemon slices in it, this will help get rid of that puffy feeling, which can make your stomach look bigger.  Make sure you are drinking enough water too.  Take a large glass jug and fill it with 64 ounces of water and add lemon slices and keep in the fridge. How To Lose Weight On Your Stomach

This will be 8 x 8 ounce glasses of water that you should as a minimum consume in a day.  This does not include coffee or soda!  My friend lost 2 inches off her waist just from cutting out all soda, including the diet ones, which she says made her feel hungry all the time.

If you really want to know how to lose weight off your stomach, then get rid of the fast foods and processed foods in exchange for home cooked foods and natural foods, and you will not only tend to lose weight naturally but you will lose that bloat in your belly, which can account for 5 pounds of your weight and make that measuring tape expand.

My brother’s belly shrunk by 3 inches in a week, simply by cutting out fast food.  He is a truck driver and it was the easiest thing to get.  But now he takes his own lunch and snacks, and he didn’t add any new exercise and was not hungry.  Just ditching the drive thru shrunk his belly and took off a few pounds.  He eats yogurt and fruit for dessert, and still has occasional special treats. 

He said he was more surprised by the tape measure than the scale.  He didn’t realize just how bloated his stomach was.

So, if you want to know how to lose weight on your stomach, or how to lose weight in two weeks and feel looser in your pants, then take a close look at your fast or processed foods and added salt and other chemicals, and change them out, and you may find that you don’t need to go on a restrictive diet at all, just a good food diet that does not leave you hungry and does not cause you bloat, and that belly will start to shrink.