Running is a good way to lose weight.  It's not the best way, but if you like to run, you definitely can lose weight fast.  I will be telling you the best way on how to lose weight running.  Please note that if you are elderly, I just suggest walking at a decent pace.  Also if you have a bad heart, please talk to your doctor before trying this.

    If you want to lose weight running, the best way is to do High Intensity Interval Training.  The main idea in this is to work really hard for a certain amount of time, and then slow it down for a bit and continue the process.  If you are going to do this for running, an example I would do is: sprint for 1 minute (or a little less if you can't sprint for that long), then jog for 30 seconds.  Then you would sprint for 1 minute again, and jog for 30 seconds.  You keep repeating this process about 10 times, but if you can't do it that long, that's alright for now.  Also if you can't sprint for a long time yet, you can jog a little fast for the minute, and walk for 30 seconds.  Then you gradually jog faster throughout your days running.  The whole concept of this high intensity interval training is to work out your heart.  When you sprint, your heart is working like crazy.  That's why if you have a bad heart, you need to consult your doctor before attempting this.  Then you give your heart a break for those 30 seconds, and work your heart out again.  This is way better than traditional jogging because you burn way more calories because the workout is more intense.  You also don't need to work out as long when you are doing this high intensity interval training.

    The best part about high intensity interval training is the after effect.  Your heart is still working harder after your workout until about 24 hours after.  This means that you're burning more calories throughout the day just from a twenty-minute workout.  The main end results here are a stronger heart and an increase in calories burned.  This is definitely a good way to lose weight.

     Please be careful when doing this workout method.  It is not mean for everyone.  If you are an elderly, please do not do this method.  Please just stick to jogging at the most.  Also if you are not in shape yet, you can try this method, but you probably won't last that long.  You might want to stick with jogging for a while until you are able to do this.  This method will tire you out no matter how in shape you are, that's the good thing about it.  You can constantly keep improving your heart and your running speed with this method.  Also, if you don't like doing workouts like this, try playing basketball with some friends.  They pretty much do High Intensity Interval Training without even realizing it because they run for a while, then take small breaks trying to score or defend, then run some more. 





How to Lose Weight Running