If you don't have access to or enough money to join a gym, you can still lose weight walking instead of spending all your time on expensive machines. The results are not as fast as they would be if you were committing to a full exercise routine, but walking is free, easy to do, and anyone can do it. Walking is the perfect exercise for the obese or for people who are out of shape and are just getting into exercise. It is low impact, low intensity, and a relaxing way to take time out for yourself and wind down from the day. Give it a try, and you might find that you too can lose weight walking.

Things You Will Need

Good Shoes

Step 1

Find a comfortable pair of quality shoes. You will want to choose a pair that has enough cushioning to support you during those long walks, and also contains sufficient arch support to keep your feet from becoming too sore. Whether you lose weight walking on a treadmill or down the street, your shoes will become either your best friend or worst enemy. Make sure that they fit well and are comfortable.

Step 2

Plan ahead. This step is easy if you are using a treadmill. You can modify your intensity, pace, and incline at will, and can easily track how far you have gone. If you are going to take a walking path or the streets, knowing exactly how far you have gone can be a little more difficult. You can get around this by driving the path and using your car's odometer, or by wearing a pedometer. Studies show that by simply wearing an odometer, people go out of their way to walk more steps without even realizing it.

Step 3

Go out and start walking. No tricks, no secrets. Just get up and start walking. Stick with it and you are sure to see results.

Step 4

Add time and intensity to your routine frequently. Start slow so as to not overdo it, then start adding five to ten minutes at a time as you build up your stamina and can go farther without tiring. A good goal to aim for is sixty minutes per day. You can add ankle weights, carry a backpack, or even walk faster if you want to increase the calories burned when you lose weight walking.

Tips & Warnings

If you are going to try to lose weight walking by travelling through your neighborhood, be careful of traffic. Wear bright, reflective clothes and be wary of vehicles.