Want to learn how to lose weight with whole foods? There are many weight loss options in the marketplace but the best weight loss can be achieved with this type of diet. Many diet plans for weight loss eliminate or reduce certain food groups which can decrease the number of nutrients you take into your body. Foods for weight loss are natural in nature, meaning they come from the earth. In this article you’ll learn how whole foods are really the best weight loss program that you can adopt for good health.

Processed Food Trap

The main reason people cannot lose pounds is that we live on a diet of processed foods. The best weight loss success will come when you eliminate these foods from your diet completely or reduce them to a bare minimum. These processed foods contain too much salt, sugar, and fat along with calories. Processed food also contains high levels of additives and chemicals that make it very difficult for anyone eating them to lose weight. You tend to gain even more weight when you consume processed foods. Almost all packaged food is processed to some degree and it’s this packaged food that is destroying the health of many people. Foods for weight loss don’t include processed food because these foods don’t contain the vital nutrition that’s required for a person to lose weight properly.

Fruits and Vegetables The Key to a Whole Food Diet

Fweight loss we need to eat more fruits and vegetables. The emphasis should be on vegetables with fruit eaten on occasion due to the sugar content. Vegetables contain the nutrition that your body needs to speed up weight loss and keep you healthier. Your meals should include some type of vegetable dish. Salads, vegetable soups, steamed vegetables make the best weight loss options on a whole food diet. Fruits and vegetables also contain little calories compared to processed items but fill you up due to the fiber content. The bulk of your purchases should be fresh fruit and vegetables because these are what will help you take back your health.

Meat, Fish and Fats

There is a big fear among people losing weight when it comes to fish, meat, and fats. People have become scared of the word “fat” in food. It is not fat that puts on the pounds it is the high sugar content of processed foods that causes you to gain weight rapidly. When you combine high fat and sugar then you gain weight at an even rapid rate. Most people combine fat with sugar at fast food restaurants such as a hamburger, fries and a coke. If you were to just eat the hamburger patty and the vegetables on the bun you would be better off. The sugar in the bun, the fried potatoes, and the sugar in the soda are what make you gain weight not the beef. Fish is also full of fat but it contains healthy fats. Our ancestors ate tons of fish and hunted for meat. They ate pure foods from nature not the processed garbage we eat today.

Grains in Moderation

Whole grains can be good for you but we tend to eat too many of them. These grains turn to sugar in the bloodstream and help contribute to obesity. Many people tend to eat refined grains in the form of white bread or white rice and this is even more problematic because these foods contain little nutrition. Grains add to the high carbohydrate load on our bodies and help to promote weight gain. We may eat some whole grains but then combine an already high carbohydrate food with sugar and make losing weight difficult. Grains should be a small portion of the daily diet, while meat, vegetables, and fats should make up the bulk of the diet.

Water Not Sugar

Almost every beverage on the market is pure sugar with fancy names. Drinking your daily calories in the form of sugar is not recommended. We drink high sugar coffees in the morning, colas at lunch, and more sugar drinks throughout the day. We often wonder why we get so fat and it’s these sugar drinks that are contributing to our expanding waistlines. Drink water as your main beverage, tea, or coffee without added sugar. If you want juice make your own with a juicer and limit how much you drink. You’re not getting anything beneficial when you drink sugar beverages and the water that you get doesn’t hydrate you because of the sugar. Sugar beverages are a high health risk and the diet versions with artificial sweetners are even worse. Drink water when your thirsty and throughout the day and not sugar.

Eat as Our Ancestors

We have gone away from the land and the natural way our ancestors used to consume food. Our high processed lifestyle is literally killing us slowly. Our diet is just as deadly as alcohol and more addictive than nicotine. We are addicted to sugar and crave salt more than what is good for us because we have eaten this garbage for so long. Sugar has no place in our diet because it contains nothing that the body can use. We get enough sugar from fruits and vegetables which is easier for us to process. If we do not change our diets towards the diets of our ancestors our children won't be living a very long life because our consumption of processed food isn't getting better, it's getting worse. We have children who are clinically obese with diabetes which is a direct result of our obscene diet.

Adopt a Whole Food Diet

There is only one path towards good health and tha's a pure whole food diet based upon what our ancestors ate. The more fresh ingredients we eat the more nutrients and vitamins we will receive. Organic is best but even store bough produce is better than that which comes from a box. Eliminate processed junk, drink water, and see your health improve. A processed food diet is a diet of death. You are what you eat.

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