Learn how to lose weight while on the 6 Week Body Makeover

Things You Will Need

You will need determination, the body makeover package from Provida and perseverance.

Step 1

So you're thinking about losing weight on the 6 Week Body Makeover? Here is a step-by-step approach to lose the most weight and get the most benefit out of this eating program. Remember that the Michael Thurmond Makeover is not a diet, it's a eating program that will change your perception about food and how it reacts with your body.Â

First, perform the body blueprint questionnaire. The question will determine what type of body you have and what foods you should eat to increase your metabolism and increase your fat burning potential. Once you figure out your body type, you are well on your way to the next step. Another thing to remember is that your body type should be 1 out of 5 types. The 5 body types are:

EndoMorph (A)

Endo-Meso (B)

Meso-Endo (C)

Endo-Ecto (D)

Ecto-Endo (E)

Step 2

So you've taken the body type blueprint are know what kind of body you have. The next step is to perform the body sculpting blue print. This blue print will target your body's problem areas and will give you a visual perspective of which areas could "use a little work". It will be easier to lose weight once you understand what type of body you have and your problem areas. The basis of losing weight is understanding the problems and then finding the solution. The body sculpting blueprint is performed by matching up blueprint cards (pictures) and finding the pictures that match your current body structure. Each card has descriptions of the problem areas and you should match the cards as close as possible to your current body type.Â

Step 3

Next, you will create your customized meal plan based on your body type. You can either choose the Fast Track Menu Card (pre-planned meals) or use the Infinite Menu Planner to create your own meals. The key is that you should be preparing the majority of your meals and making sure that you eat all 6 meals a day. This will increase your metabolism and will result in rapid weight loss.Â

Step 4

The last step is using the body sculpting blue print and planning out exercise to reduce your problem areas. This is an important part of the makeover process because you want to reduce the fat on your problem areas so that you create lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more fat your body will burn. Make sure to eat enough slow carbs.
When following these simple steps, you will eventually lose all the weight that you desire. Remember to stick to the meal plan, eat all the meals according to your customized menu and perform the exercises to sculpt your body. If you do all of these, you will definitely have the body that you desire.Â

Tips & Warnings