skinnyAre you like most people who have a few extra pounds you would love to shed, but hate working out and can't find time to do it either? Here a few small tips to help you get rid of those pounds and tone up a bit without changing your whole lifestyle. Start small, and once you get used to small changes and see some results, you just might be more motivated to make the bigger changes.

Things You'll Need:

*A little motivation

*Willingness to try

What you need to do:

Step 1

Try to take a short walk every day. This may seem like a big thing to do, but it doesn't have to be a set time or a set distance. For example, walk around the mall shopping, walk to the mailbox, park farther away from stores. Taking a walk with kids is always good, and pushing a stroller helps burn extra calories. Just start small, and you might just find that you like it!

Step 2

Substitute water or tea for soda. I am sure you have heard of this one before, but it really does work to thin out the waist. I used to drink lots of soda, and once I got used to it, now I find soda to be very thick and sugary. Tea gives you the caffeine if you crave it. Crystal light is also a good addition to water to keep the calorie intake down

Step 3

Try not to eat anything after 7 pm. This is a tough one for a lot of people because our schedules are so late, but the idea is to try to eat dinner a few hours before bedtime, so you have time to burn it off a little before laying down for the night. Also, try not to eat anything too heavy, like pasta, at dinner.

Step 4

Eat small meals and snacks all day long instead of three big, heavy meals. This speeds up your metabolism, and helps you burn more calories without even trying.

Step 5

Act like a kid. This one sounds a little silly, but kids are so active and naturally have high metabolisms. They have bursting energy. They run to the car, skip, jump, laugh a lot, and stay in motion. Try this. If it seems like too much, even tapping your toe or tightening your stomach muscles as you sit at your desk will burn a few calories.