Building muscle and maintaining it while keeping body fat at an absolute minimum is a challenge that will last a lifetime. With the countless training methodologies and workout routines promoted throughout the online universe and in the printed media, it is easy to get confused as to exactly which exercise plan will produce the best results. Although there is never a one-size-fits-all solution to burn fat and build muscle, there are several time-proven strategies that can help you to achieve your training goals faster than others.

Within this article we will explore how to develop a workout plan based around interval circuit training with compound exercises.

Lean and Ripped

Compound Exercises vs Isolation Exercises

Compound exercises differ from isolation exercises in that they are multi-joint movements that target a variety of muscle groups. Whereas isolation exercises tend to target and isolate one specific muscle in a one-joint movement (i.e. leg extensions, one-arm seated dumbbell curls), compound exercises work various muscles at once, enabling you to lift more weight and recruit more muscle fibers in the process. For this reason, compound exercises are considered to be superior to isolation exercises if you are trying to build muscle and strength as fast as possible. Isolation exercises should ideally be included within your workouts to a lesser extent, while the fundamental base of your exercise program should be built around compound exercises that include but are not limited to the bench press, deadlift, barbell squat, military press, and chin-up.

Interval Circuit Training With Compound Exercises

Fitness advocates, bodybuilding enthusiasts and professional athletes have been pole-vaulting onto the interval circuit training bandwagon for several years now, and many of them claim that it is the single best way to burn excess calories and develop a leaner body. However, there are a wide range of circuits and a lot of variation between what works and what doesn't. Keep in mind that an interval circuit session typically consists of a 20-45 minute exercise in routine where multiple exercises are performed with little to no rests between each individual set. During this time your body will be in a highly active state, with your cardiovascular system near maximum accompanied by the additional energy expenditure of your muscles.

Creating a circuit routine based around compound exercises will allow you to exploit this small window of opportunity to your physical advantage. With maximal muscle fiber recruitment combined with high intensity aerobic exercise, a circuit of this sort will burn fat off your body and at the same time increase your overall muscular strength. Famous figures from all over the world, including MMA Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture and action movie star Jason Statham have incorporated circuits with compound exercises into their training routines and have gone on to develop outstanding physiques are symmetrical, functional, and aesthetically attractive.

Developing a routine of this sort is relatively simple. You can include 5-6 major exercises and perform a set of each without allowing time to rest between sets. The rep range and weight you choose for each exercise is ultimately up to you, but a medium weight should work well for most. Here is a sample workout.

1. Bench Press for 10 reps

2. Chin-up for 10 reps

3. Military press for 10 reps

4. Deadlift for 10 reps

5. Dip for 10 reps

6. Squat for 10 reps

This routine can be repeated several times. Allow for around 3-5 minutes of rest before repeating.

Remember, building muscle and losing weight takes time. In addition to exercising on a regular basis, a sound nutritional plan should be followed along with adequate sleep and the avoidance of excess alcohol or smoking. If you truly want to lose weight and improve your overall fitness, you will need to discipline your mind and body. There are many paths to fitness, and each of them will present you with their own unique obstacles and boundaries - its how you manage these that makes the difference.