It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that if you burn more calories in a day than you take in then you will lose weight. I will not insult you by telling you that this is easy but it is important. I also think most people already know what they should and should not eat. There are no magic foods and no easy answers. The reason people fail is because they are focused on the wrong things. Changing the inner you and learning to think of yourself in a different way is the key. Creating new habits is just one factor in changing the way you think of yourself. This is the "Fake it until you make it approach."

Things You Will Need

A goal

An anti-drive through device

A new vocabulary

Good walking shoes

A new shopping list


Access to the Internet

A pen and notepad


Step 1

Set a Goal! Be realistic and honest with yourself. Change one habit every 21 days.

New habits:

    Eliminate sugar from your coffee. Then try it black for 21 days. You will save money and eliminate calories.

Step 2

Get More Active!

New habits:

    My kids are always making fun of me because I always park far away at the store. It is easier to get a spot, less chance that your doors will get nicked, but the real reason is that it forces me to walk more. 10,000 steps a day is my goal! What's yours?

    If you live within 5 miles of work, get a bicycle for the nice days! If you carpool, get dropped off a mile from home, then 2 miles.

    If you need to go downstairs to do laundry, make multiple small trips. It is safer and you get more exercise.

Step 3

Take Drive Throughs off Your Route! My favorite is the person that goes through the drive through and orders a double burger with cheese, a large fry and a diet soda. Now really, be honest with yourself. Honesty involves not justifying or making excuses why you are pulling into the drive through. At least tell the truth. It is easy! It tastes good! I know it is bad but I choose to do it anyway! Losing weight is less important than getting my junk food fix!

New habits:

    Get in the habit of bringing your coffee and a piece of fruit or if you must, a bagel with you. At least you can shop for healthy choices.
    Drink an 8oz glass of water before you leave the house or work.

    Take a different route.

Step 4

Change Your Vocabulary! The question is this; who are you? Are you smart? Are you lazy? Are you a winner? Are you helpless? The vocabulary that you use is critical to how you view yourself. Change your vocabulary and change your life. We believe what we hear especially if we are the ones saying it.

New Habits:

Write five sentences that describe the new you and say them to yourself ever morning and every evening and as much as you can during the day until you start to believe what you are saying.

    I'm a winner.

    I love to be active.

    I finish what I start.

    I only eat healthy foods.

    I'm worthy.

Step 5

Don't Buy It! Before you go shopping go on a site like and plan all of your meals. Plan your snacks as well. You can control, through proper planning, how many calorie you take in a day. Now here is the drastic part. Throw out, or give the local food pantry everything in your refrigerator and cupboards or let the teenagers eat until the cupboards are bare. Make your shopping list from your meal plans and only buy what is on the list.

We all shop backwards! We go to the store and buy a bunch of food and then go home and try to figure out what to make. If you were building a house you would not go and buy a bunch of wood, wires, pipe, siding... and then try to put it all together so it looked like a house.

Step 6

Never Quit! All great things take time. Changing who you are is no small task so don't get discouraged if you don't get instant results or you fall back into old bad habits.
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