Cabbage soup diet to lose weight in a week

For one reason or the other you may want to lose weight really fast. If you are looking on how to lose weight in a week, this soup diet might be just what you need.

A soup diet might not be what you need for long term weight loss but it’s low in low fat, has high fiber content that works perfectly and can help get into shape really fast before you set out on a more long term, more permanent long term eating plan.

With the soup diet, you will lose weight fast, that’s for sure. For the one week while you are one diet you can have as much cabbage soup you want. Although most health experts don’t recommend that you follow this diet for longer than one week it is an incredible way to start a moderate weight loss diet.

However some people find the tasteless, while others have reported mild headaches or have lost concentration. The majority think that despite the soup being tasteless, the amazing rate at which it helps you lose so much weight in such a short time is incomparable. 

Most of the “mainstream” diets often recommended by reputable medical institutions work relatively slow and steady and can only result to a weight loss of about 1 pound in a week.

While the mainstream diets are a sure way to shed off weight it has one major shortcoming. Most people tend to become discouraged when they don’t see the results quickly. This is the reason why this diet is very popular. In can be the perfect catalyst to trigger a more permanent long term solution. 

Can This Diet Help You Lose Weight?

So, how do you make sure your quest on dumping a few pounds in a week actually work? Here are a few tips that will come in handy

· Follow the diet strictly to the letter

· Drink not less than four glasses of water each day

· Don’t forget that the main aim is to lose weight in a week. It therefore should last for seven days long only

· Complement the soup diet with daily portions of foods that are high in multi vitamins

· Have a printed or written down plan for the seven days to help you with the diet plan for weight loss

· Eat a lot of cabbage diet soup. The more you eat the more weight you lose. Don’t make the mistake of starving yourself thinking that this will help you lose weight.

· Use a myriad of spices to add taste to the soup. The more the spices used the better.

Stick to the cabbage diet soup for not more than seven days and you will be pleased with the results. Does the cabbage soup work? The cabbage diet soup actually works if you are looking to lose weight in a week. You will certainly feel great after losing the weight and you wouldn’t want to gain it back later, would you? Adopt other healthier lifestyle choices to make sure that you don’t balloon back to the old shape. 

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Before we look at the cabbage diet soup and the ingredients, perhaps we need to look at some facts about this incredible diet soup.

· The cabbage diet soup traces its origin in the late 80's and became even more popular in the 90's as it proved to be a great way of losing weight fast

The cabbage diet soup like previously mentioned is a strictly seven days diet made up of cabbage and other accompaniments of healthy foods. It has to be followed strictly if it is to work

For anyone who started the cabbage diet soup on Sunday he or she will ideally eat the cabbage soup for seven days alongside the following listed food items

· Sunday: A lot of fruits apart from bananas.

· Monday: A baked potato and an optional pat of butter.

· Wednesday: Not more than 8 bananas and unlimited skimmed milk.

· Thursday: Not more than 20 oz of beef and six tomatoes or less.

· Friday: Unlimited beef and vegetables. You can take potatoes if you so desire.

· Saturday: Veggies, brown rice and unsweetened fruit juice. Don’t take potatoes on this day.

In simple terms, know what to eat to lose weight. A nutritionist or a health and fitness expert can be quite resourceful if consulted.

It’s important to mention that there are limited disparities to the recipe. Let’s now look at the ingredients of the cabbage soup.

· A minimum of 6 large onions.

· 1 to 2 cans of tomatoes (can be either whole or diced).

· Three carrots.

· A bunch of celery.

· Green pepper (2 pieces).

· One container of mushrooms.

· A package of Lipton soup mix.

· V8 juice (this is optional).

· One or two bouillon cubes.

· Garlic, curry or season to taste (use little or no salt).

Like mentioned above, there are little variations to the cabbage soup. The soup is tasteless and users find it hard to adhere to it on a daily basis for seven days. However you may want to consider the following variations to avoid burnouts in addition to making sure that your quest on how to lose weight in a week is successful.

Consider making the soup with the red cabbage and red bell peppers as opposed to using white cabbage or green peppers. This will leave the soup chunky.

Change the soup by using the green bell peppers and green cabbage. Omit the tomatoes and pound it instead.

When you are required to take the skimmed milk, use some non-fat yogurt which is unflavored on a ratio of one glass of skimmed milk to one glass of green milk.

If you are seeking ways to lose weight in a week, look no further than this soup diet. You will lose up to 10 pounds but you will certainly gain it back in a few months if you don’t take up other healthy measures to keep your weight in check. This diet soup is the “quick fix” when you want to lose weight in a week but for the long term changes you will need to re-look at your exercise and diet habits.