Eggs are a delicious, nutritious food. At a cost of under $2.00 for a dozen they are a bargain. And you can lose weight with eggs. Read on for step by step directions on how to lose weight with eggs.


Things You Will Need


Step 1

Understand that the idea to lose weight with eggs is not a fad or gimmick. Research has proven that eggs can be very beneficial to weight loss.

Step 2


Recognize that one of the reasons eggs, help with weight loss is because they contain protein. Protein increases your feeling of fullness. An egg contains 3 grams of protein in the white and 3 grams of protein in the yolk.

Step 3

Eat eggs throughout the day so you will feel full. Research shows that two eggs in the morning lead to a feeling of fullness that stays longer throughout the day, so you eat less later. Eat two eggs in the morning, a moderate lunch, snack and moderate dinner to lose weight with eggs.

Step 4

In the afternoon if you want a snack eat another egg. Think of the egg as a protein pill that will keep you from eating other things because it is so satisfying. Using an egg cooker to hard boil eggs makes it even easier to lose weight with eggs.

Step 5

Exercise and drink plenty of water. Eat moderately at your meals. As you go throughout your day and eat protein packed, inexpensive, low calore eggs you will find it is easy to lose weight with eggs