Kettlenetics is an at home fitness program developed by fitness professional Michelle Khai. Kettlenetics uses a light weight and "flow motion" to work your glutes, arms, back etc. Kettlenetics will help you develop endurance and stamina while sculpting your body into beautiful shape. Here is how to lose weight with Kettlenetics.

Things You Will Need

Kettlenetics with Kbell, DVD's, wrist band and instructions

DVD Player

Step 1

To lose weight with Kettlenetics you need to buy the Kettlenetics Program if you don't already own it. The program comes with a 4 pound Kbell, 5 DVD's, success guide, wrist bands, wall chart and more. Learn more about Kettlenetics and get the best price on the Kettlenetics program here - Kettlenetics.

Step 2

Exercise with the Kettlenetics program several times a week. Be sure to use a wide range of motion with each exercise. Put your whole body into each exercise to work your core and other body parts. The "flow motion" Kettlenetics exercise will help you gain strength and burn calories. This will help you lose weight with Kettlenetics. Aim to work with your Kettlenetics program 3 times a week.

Step 3

Fit in exercise on days you are not doing kettlenetics. Walk, play sports, be as active as possible to boost your metabolism and stimulate your fat burning cells.

Step 4

Eat right, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Combining healthy habits will help you lose weight with Kettlenetics faster and more efficiently. And eating right, getting plenty of rest, is one of the top tips for glowing skin an extra benefit.

Kettlenetics is a fun easy way to lose weight and shape your body beautifully.

Tips & Warnings

Your heart rate will be in the fat burning zone during most of your Kettlenetics work outs.

The Kettlenetics company also offers a heavier ball. Be sure to start with the lighter ball and work up to the heavier one.