Losing your job is something that millions of Americans found out about over the last several years with the current recession and as the economy has been declining. With layoffs, firings and no new employees being hired, there are many that are wondering as they are standing in the unemployment line what happened. How did they lose their job? How did they get here? There are many different reasons why one loses their job. Many cannot get their jobs back.

Many of those reasons are listed here in this article.

Bad timing

You may live in the wrong area of the country for your career or job. You may live in Alaska and be a landscaper. You may reside in Des Moines, Iowa and be a museum curator. You may move to North Dakota and work construction when their construction season may be only 4 months of the year.

Many times people in America during a recession want to move where they have “heard” the jobs are. The problem is that everyone wants to move there at the same time. Therefore, you have an overabundance of people moving to a place that cannot sustain this amount of jobs. Someone will be without a job.

Imagine being in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. You are going to lose your job and won’t be finding a replacement anytime soon. In addition, the survivors were moved to other cities and states where they may not have had the skills necessary to work the jobs offered.

Floods and hurricanes in the Midwest, especially if you live in a small town, devastated lives.  Not only have you lost your place of employment, you have lost your home and everything you own.

Wrong Career

When you decided on your college degree hopefully it wasn’t one of these; religion, film, English literature, communications, music therapy, Latin, American studies, art history, philosophy. All of these college degrees are the worst degrees to have in America today for the job industry.

If you are graduating from college and expect to find work in your field with any of these degrees, you will have a hard time finding employment. You have lost your job before you found it.

Mechanization or Technology

The Blue Collar worker is almost extinct in America. The Blue Collar Worker has been almost entirely replaced by modern technology. Mechanization and technology have allowed many jobs that were previously manually done to be currently performed by a machine or sets of machinery.

Owners of factories enjoy the machines that work 24hrs per day, even holidays, without benefits, no negotiations with unions, no salaries paid or training to produce with perfection products previously hand manufactured.


One of the newest ways to lose your job is to have it outsourced. This has been widespread among nearly every industry. Outsourcing is the act of a company subcontracting a job to another company. For example, many of the largest companies had mail rooms and printing areas where possible 30 to 40 people were employed. These particular jobs have been outsourced to another company to perform.

Again you have the benefits of not having to hire, train, pay or benefit employees. The job is done by another company that has to supply the labor at nearly a fraction of the cost.

Losing your job can be done by no fault of your own. It can be terrible timing, the incorrect career, technology advancing or outsourcing of your particular employment. Whatever the reason, losing your job can be done easily and without warning.