It is natural for a person to be mindful of his or her appearance. Weight gains, ballooning bellies, and little creases just below the chin can make people feel awkward about their looks. Double chins in particular can be a big concern, since the face is usually the first thing that is noticed in a person. However, it is not a permanent condition and can be solved through discipline and proper know-how.

Primary Causes

Poor posture and unhealthy diet are known to be the major causes of a double chin. However, their appearance may also be a sign of aging, which is a natural process but can be kept at bay or avoided completely.

There are a number of solutions one can employ when trying to lose the double chin - doing some jaw exercises, for instance, or resorting to low caloric diets and maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Adopting proper posture can also help. 

Exercise the Chin Area

Exercising the chin area can help one lose or prevent the dreaded double chin. This technique involves opening the mouth wide then moving the lower jaw outward and downwardas if attempting to bite using the lower jaw. For this exercise to work, one must feel their lower teeth touch the top part of the upper lip. This is usually done several times in a day, as many as 15 times per day.

Another recommended chin exercise involves raising the chin and moving the mouth as though one is chewing. In case the chewing motion is difficult, it is also sufficient to simply close and open the mouth. A feeling of the jaw and neck muscles tensing indicates that the chin exercise is working.

(Please note that chin exercises should be avoided if you are prone to getting lock-jawed)

Treatment and Prevention Through Diet

Resorting to low calorie food can get rid of that unwanted flab under your chin. Fast food, junk food, and other unhealthy food should be avoided at all costs. Not only will they speed up the aging process, they also add unnecessary body fat, which usually goes to the face first, resulting in a double chin.

Proper Posture

As mentioned above, improper posture can also be the culprit. People who hunch and slouch a lot will develop flabs under the jaw area since the skin on their face will start to droop. To avoid this, one must always keep the body straight when standing or sitting. The weight of your head should be supported by the spine, not by your chest. You should also rearrange your workspace if that is what's causing your improper posture. Use an ergonomic swivel chair, position your keyboard carefully, and get rid of that pile of papers that you use as a footstool.

A Healthier Lifestyle

All in all, a double chin usually results from a poor, unhealthy lifestyle. Simply ensuring that you get plenty of exercise and eating right, along with adopting a proper posture will not only get rid of your unwanted extra chin, it can also prevent it from coming back.