Anyone who has ever battled with weight loss and emerged victorious knows what I'm talking about when I say that those last ten pounds are the hardest to lose. It doesn't seem fair, does it? You've given up fatty and unhealthy foods, sweated your tuckus off with a good exercise regimen and those last few pounds mock you by remaining stubbornly attached to your stomach, butt or *insert your frustrating trouble spot here*.

While it's not easy to shed those last ten pounds, it is possible. You just have to realize that you might have to change things up a bit. Sometimes the eating habits and exercises that brought your from fat to healthy just aren't going to take you from healthy to fit. Remember the definition of insanity, performing the same action over and over again while expecting different results. I see a lot of insane people in the gym, unfortunatley. They're good people and they work darn hard but if what you're doing isn't working, then it isn't working. You can either succumb to insanity or try something different.

This doesn't mean you need to go completely hardcore, although the hardcore approach is pretty effective. You just need to keep an open mind and try a new approach. I know, that sounds pretty vague, right? Get to the specific directions! Well, it's hard to give a one size fits all solution because everybody's different but I am going to give you some examples.

If your exercise consists mostly of cardio such as running, swimming, jogging or even walking, try adding more resistance training. If you focus on resistance training, try adding some cardio. It sounds easy, but for those of us who hate cardio *ahem, like yours truly* this is like telling me to eat a plate full of brussel sprouts. It took me months to admit that I was acting insane and force myself to step out of my comfort zone and just do some gosh darned cardio. I ended up learning how to roller skate and I really enjoy it. I'm even planning on trying out for the local roller derby team next year. If I hadn't forced myself to try something new, I never would have found this new hobby or lost that last ten pounds.

As far as diet goes, your options are nearly limitless. You could try following a paleolithic diet or the anabolic diet or go vegetarian or gluten free, etc. Some people find success by cutting out processed carbs or by incorporating raw foods recipes into your diet. As long as you aren't doing something crazy like starving yourself or eating nothing but grapefruit, give it a shot. Eventually you're going to find something that works for your body and fits into your lifestyle. Once you find that, you will lose the last ten pounds and learn the optimal way to care for your body in the process.