The Virgin is the symbol of the Astrological Virgo Sign. Hey, what are you grinning about? The Virgin is a metaphorical term not literal! This means Virgo's remain Virgin in their looks and thoughts. Virgos are often naive-looking, hard-working and brimming with well-meaning advice to better the lives of everyone in their vicinity. That goes for plants and small pets too.

As far as the virginity thing goes, the truth is that Virgos are actually one of the most passionate Zodiac Signs. Most people don't know this because the Virgin saves all that passion for the privacy of their intimate relationships and everyone who is not on their A-list gets the cool cucumber instead. Ex-lovers continuously hover about, just hoping to get back into Virgo's good graces. Unfortunately for them, while Virgos may forgive, but they will certainly never forget.

Virgos make great actors, writers and teachers, retailers, fashion designers and counselors, anything that requires an eye for details and can be considered a public service of some sort.

Things You Will Need

To Pay Attention

Step 1

People often interpret their deep need to be of service as downright critical. All Virgos are not critical; this has a lot to do with self-esteem issues and is the unfortunate and inevitable outcome of an unhappy Virgo. The good news is that if Virgos are appreciated, they are strongly compelled to become "perfect" partners, friends, workers, citizens, etc. Therefore, theoretically they can even be encouraged to learn NOT to criticize when giving well-intentioned advice, if they understand that their criticism is not serving others well.

Step 2

Yes, Virgos are one of the few signs that actually makes an effort to learn from their mistakes or the criticisms of others. Just let them know how their critiques are so not having a positive effect on you and encourage them to speak with you in a softer manner and they will make every effort to please you. However, the astute observations will never stop; it is their very reason for living- to make your world a better place by pointing out all those open manholes in your life's path.

So, just stop hating on them just because they're almost always right. Take advantage of it, Virgo what you need and immediately put some of their fantastic ideas to good use. You won't be sorry. In fact, the best way to get the sexy scientist to look up from their work and notice you is to ask them for advice. Since they are busy, busy bees, always learning, reading and doing something, you will be ever dazzled by the depth and breadth of their well of knowledge and they will respect you too for wanting to know more and better yourself.

Step 3

Virgo, the Virgin always looks innocent and youthful with pleasing a face and posture. They can be very hard on themselves and require very supportive and positive friends to help them overcome this painful affliction. In fact, 'Friends in Need' are a most powerful anecdote to their unrelenting self-torture, as Virgos can always be counted on to come to the rescue of friends and strangers alike. They need to feel needed; it magically helps them take their mind off what they perceive to be their own glaring imperfections.

Step 4

The Virgo is a very detailed individual. They notice things that others do not. Most people only know of something looks good or not, the Virgo knows why. It's very had to fool them with anything other than a flat out Sob Story, they fall hard for the Underdog: what with always trying to do "good" and all.

Virgos have a great sense of humor, are enthusiastic, sophisticated and witty. Their advice is gold. Be glad you have one on your team. Treat them well and give them their just credit, for a Virgo can't stand being unappreciated and when they've had enough they will cut you off with a surgical-like precision.

They like partners who are dignified, classy, courageous and a bit naughty. Passionate, spontaneous people and high achievers who act with humility impress them.

Why does the world need Virgos? When you are sick they are the best at healing you, in fact if you had a Virgo in your home you probably would never have gotten sick in the first place. They love to dispense vitamins, chicken soup and read to you in bed. Really, they love it.

Tips & Warnings

Famous Virgos include: Beyonce Knowles, Keneau Reeves, Mother Theresa, Sean Connery, Sean Combs, Sofia Loren, Selma Hayek and Warren Buffet.

Always say "please" and "thank you", Virgos are very easily impressed with good manners.

Keep a watch out for Virgo's pet peeves, a few of which are:
* Any kind of Vulgarity
* Waiters who sit down to take your order
* Unkempt individuals asking them out
* Bratty kids
* Bratty adults too