Negotiate to Lower BillsIn this economy, we have to do everything we can to stay on a tight budget. When every dollar counts, it makes sense to find a way to save on our monthly bills. Instead of canceling your phone, cable, internet, or satellite service, call the company to negotiate a better deal. You will surely get a lower rate and it will be worth your time.

What you Need:

* Information on what other companies or carriers are offering.

* Time to deal with the company you are currently with.

Be Prepared

If you want to cut your bill in half, or even cut your bill plus getting extra minutes on your cell, extra channels on your cable, or some other free services, you need to be prepared before you contact your current company. Research other carriers of the same type of service online to see what they are currently offering. Write down all of this information before you contact your carrier. You will need to be able to let them know that you are informed about what is available, and what you expect from them if they want to you stay.


You will need to budget out a good amount of time in your day to talk to your current carrier on the phone or on a web chat. Getting them to lower your bill and give you a better rate will require some time. They may have to check with another person or transfer you one or more times for you to get what you want. Don't give up. It will be worth the wait. Stick to your guns and ask to speak with someone else that can help you if the person you are talking to says they cannot lower your rate.

Be Willing To Switch Carriers

You most likely will not end up switching if your current company works with you on negotiating for a lower bill. The key is that they need to truly believe that you will switch if they don't help you out. You have to be strong and let them know that you simply cannot afford their rate and you will have to switch if they don't help. They will end up working with you, even if you only get the promotional rate for 6 months. Anything helps.