Insure your Performance Vehicle for Less

The insurance group that your car belongs to is a major contributing factor to how expensive your premiums will be. If you want lower premiums then your best bet, aside from factors such as where you live and your driving record, is a car that is lower on the 1-50 insurance group scale.

If you are unsure which insurance group your car belongs to and you would like to find out, then you can quickly and easily do so by visiting the following site:

Group 1, 2, and 3 cars come with some cheap and appealing premiums, but premiums will rise the higher up the list you go. The better performance that your car has, the more expensive it was to begin with, and the more expensive it is to fix will result in a higher insurance group.

But what if you already own a car that incurs pricey premiums because of a higher group level, and you don't want to turn it in for a lower group car? Thankfully, there are some simple things that you can do to reduce premiums that come from a car in a higher insurance group.

1) Shop around for cheaper insurance

When the time comes to renew your insurance policy you might simply want to stick with your current insurer for fear that switching is a long and complicated process. However, shopping around for new insurance is not only easy, but could save you a lot of money.

There are many great insurance comparison sites available that make it easy to obtain multiple quotes and choose the cheapest one available. Quotes will generally be based on the make, model and insurance group rating of your car. The whole process is very quick and easy.

If you find a new policy that could work well for you then make sure to read all of the details and fine print. If it offers a better deal than your current coverage then don't be afraid to switch. It is best to do this at least a couple of weeks to a month before the renewal date of your old policy. You want to make sure that your new policy is in place before cancelling your old one. Don't let yourself go uncovered for any amount of time. You should also make sure to confirm the cancellation of your old policy.
2) Enhance your car's security

Car security is one of the factors that go into deciding which insurance group a car will be placed in. Cars with good security present less risk for insurance companies as they are less likely to be damaged or stolen. Adding features such as alarms or immobilizers will likely lead to a reduction in your premiums, even if your car has a higher group number. Other security enhancements could include high security locks, locking devices for wheels, or a visible VIN number.

3) Get your good driving rewarded

High group cars are deemed riskier by insurance companies for their increased likelihood of getting into accidents and incurring claims. However, if you are a good driver and you rarely need to make claims then you should make sure to get your good driving rewarded. You should take a look at what is known as "vehicle telematics" or "black box insurance."

This involves fitting your car with a black box which uses satellites to keep track of your driving. The black box can measure things such as speed, acceleration, and even when and where your car is being used. Obviously, obeying speed limits and driving safely mean that you pose less accident risk. Also, if you only use your car during the day to get to and from work and school and not so often at night (which is considered a more dangerous time), then you can be rewarded with lower premiums.

4) Don't get unnecessary and expensive modifications

Finally, not adding any unnecessary or expensive modifications to your car isn't going to lower your premiums, but it will at least keep them from rising. For example, fitting your car with a new and more powerful engine will likely lead to higher premiums as it will be more expensive to fix and it will also increase your car's performance.

Insurance groups are an important factor in determining how high your premiums are, but if you take some of the above steps then you may be able to lower your premiums even with a higher ranked car.

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