Cheap Driving Insurance

Let's face it, people everywhere want to know how to lower your car insurance. And for good reason, car insurance can be costly particularly if you have more than one driver in your home, or even if you have what insurance companies consider risky drivers: underage drivers or teenagers.

But luckily there are ways to lower your car insurance so that you can free up that money to save for a vacation or just pay down other debt.

 Most people's main objective is to try and find cheap driving insurance so let's look at the top 5 ways how.

 Ways to Lower your Automobile Insurance

  1. Drive Less: O.k. This is an obvious one, the less time you or anyone in your home spends driving, the less likely you or them are to get into a car accident. Many car insurance companies have safe driving programs and even tracking devices that you plug into your ODB port in your car. Car insurance companies will give you an ODB device to track if you in fact did drive less and even in some cases how fast you were going and how you stopped in intersections. Is the device worth it? Well some say yes, even at the expense of being “watched”. Others say the ODB port discount for your car insurance isn't worth it, for the fact that you are constantly tracked and watched. But ultimately its up to you. To get cheaper insurance rates, sometimes you got to play by the rules, even if it's a little spooky.

  2. Combine all other policies: If you want cheaper insurance combine all other policies including home, rental insurance, car, house, etc. Some smaller companies may even consider making your insurance rates even cheaper when you combine family insurance, particularly if you parents live with you or even other relatives and sometimes even when you don't. Like always it never hurts to ask, especially when you are trying to get your insurance rate reduced.

  3. Add Your Own Tracking Device – Yep, if you don't want “big brother” insurance's tracking device which monitors when and how you drive for reduced rates, consider getting your own in cases of theft. Your car insurance could go down drastically if you purchase a gps homing device, which enables your car to be recovered if its ever stolen. Of course, if your car already has one, be sure to notify your insurance company if they don't already know.

  4. Stay out of Accidents – For pretty obvious reasons you want to stay out of accidents. Drive safely consider taking a course. Or if you enjoy performance driving, which also have safety classes, you might be able to get a reduced rate just based on taking that particular class. Classes like those teach how to maneuver the cars in dangerous turns and how to just generally be a safer driver.

  5. Join Clubs and Organizations That Give Discounts: Make sure you list out all of the associations and clubs you belong to. Sometimes really good discounts are given to people who belong to particular groups and you want to take advantage of them all to get cheaper insurance rates.

There you have it. Cheap driving insurance is possible with those tips and tricks above.

Knowing how to lower your car insurance is a great way to take advantage of reduced rates and just all around cheap automobile insurance.