runner(103859)Credit: Flickr ( by Georgio )Cholesterol is an important substance that is found within our bodies, it is absolutely vital for rebuilding the tissues and cells within our body, however too much cholesterol can and will eventually lead towards heart disease, therefore it is important that you lower your cholesterol levels when they get too high. In this article I am going to highlight a few ways in which you can lower the cholesterol levels in your body naturally.

Remember those ‘advertising campaigns’ that state we should eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day? They weren’t lying. If you eat at least this then you will find that there is a marked decrease in your overall cholesterol levels, and in turn you will be much healthier. I suggest that you eat the fruit and vegetable in raw form so that the majority of vitamins and nutrients are staying there, don’t make smoothies out of them, many people find that you get much more benefit eating rather than drinking.

The best way in which we can lower our cholesterol levels naturally is through a chance in our diet, this includes eating more of the vegetables that I mentioned above. It really isn’t that difficult to do and in my opinion it tastes a lot better. For example start to eat 100% whole grain wheat, this can be in your bread, cereals and even pasta. Brown rice is also good for lowering cholesterol levels. What you are looking for are things that are high in fibre but low in saturated fat. Foods that are high in fat are also high in cholesterol, therefore you will want to steer clear of foods that are fired in any way possible. I prefer eating foods that have been steamed or boiled or baked, no extra ‘oil’ is being added to them, and in addition they retain the majority of the taste of the food. Eating healthy does taste great!

There is another reason why you would want ‘high fibre’ foods, and that is because they will soak up all of that excess cholesterol in your body, which of course will reduce the amount that you have in your body. It isn’t too difficult to get into the routine, just replace your white toast in the morning with whole grain toast or your spaghetti with whole grain spaghetti, most of the time you won’t even notice a chance in flavour.

Exercise is also a key contributor towards the lowering of cholesterol naturally. I don’t mean carrying out highly intensive exercises such as weight lifting or marathon running, but a brief amount of exercise for at least 40 minutes a day will reduce that cholesterol fairly quickly. Some top exercises include brisk walks, cycling and even yoga. The key is to get your heart pumping and that way you will know you are losing weight and in turn that cholesterol.

If you start to apply these tips into your daily lives then within 5 or so months you will start to see a marked decrease in the amount of cholesterol in your body, and this of course means that you are well on your way to a happier and healthier lifestyle.