magic wand

There are a wide variety of magic tricks designed to astound and confuse their audience. Some magic tricks can be incredibly complicated and require hours of practice to learn and execute properly. If you are looking for a difficult trick that requires hours of practice, then you have come to the wrong place. Magically guessing your volunteer's color is a simple-yet impressive trick that will keep all your friends guessing.

Before you can magically guess any colors, you will need a pencil (or pen) and a few scraps of paper. You will be writing (and magically guessing) with the scraps of paper; all your pleasant volunteer must do is answer questions.

Think in your head of a series of questions (which have two possible answers) which you can ask to complete your magic trick. For example would you rather wear a red shirt or a blue shirt? You can be very creative with these questions, and have a lot of fun. More examples: Would you rather drive a Porsche or a mustang? Do you like Johnny or Timmy better?

The first step of the magic trick is the hardest part. You have to think ahead of time and know what your last question will be. Usually it's best to end with a color question; because it's something simple that you won't forget. So decide what your final question will be now. (Example, would you rather wear a pink or blue dress?) Keep this in mind when you magically guess that color.

Now you are ready to begin asking questions. Start with any question you like. Ask between travel destinations, favorite bands, love life, or favorite magic trick. When you ask the question, ask your volunteer to carefully consider their answer. While they are thinking about it concentrate intently upon what they might be thinking. (After all, you are going to magically read their mind and guess that color). Write down what you think they will answer to the final question on the scrap of paper. So using my example you would write down pink or purple.

After you have written down the answer (a color) to the last question, crumple up the piece of paper and place it to the side. In a casual and seemingly unconcerned tone, ask them which of the choices they selected. Say something like "Oh that's interesting" and move on to ask another question.

When you ask the next question you will repeat the same process. Focus intently while they are pondering which answer to choose. This time however, you will write down the answer to the previous question. Repeat this process for as many questions as you like. (3 is a nice number, just enough time to impress them, but not enough to guess the magic trick's secret).

When you arrive at the final question, you will ask about which color they prefer. After asking, you will write down the answer from the last question. After crumpling the final piece of paper, allow your volunteer to look at the scraps of paper and what you have written. All of your guesses should be correct! (Except perhaps the guess to the final color question, which you should have a 50-50 chance at!)