How to Keep the Lean Muscle Mass you have Gained.


Lose Weight, Running,Credit: Mike Baird


The lean muscle fiber that is found within our body helps us to burn calories efficiently, convert fat and food into energy as well as helping to maintain an accelerated Base Metabolic Rate (BMR). Generally speaking we all know what is necessary to keep ourselves strong, but quite often when it comes to holding on to the Lean Muscle Mass that we have worked hard to gain, the question is how do we maintain it?  Keeping our lean body mass requires a little bit of balance between eating for success and continuing our training program in order to keep what we have already obtained. 


Warm up!

Maintaining our lean muscle mass means we have to continue our weight training program, which means we have to be healthy. One of the surest ways to injure your muscles and find yourself on the couch watching TV instead of exercising and living your active lifestyle is to not warm up before you begin your lifting.  Do your stretches and warm up lifting with the lighter weight and avoid this annoying set back.


Mix it up!

Don’t get in a rut with your training.  Our muscles can be quick to adapt to the demands we make of it which means we have to keep them on their toes.  If we want to maintain the lean mass that we have gained we have to continue to surprise our muscles by working the same muscle groups in different and unique ways.  Alternate between the use of dumbbells, machines, and even add the use of your own body weight into your routine. (And yes, that may mean pushups or pull-ups occasionally!) Keep it fun and new, otherwise not only will your muscles stop responding, but you may lose the interest and motivation you need to continue which means you may stop going. Not good.

Eat for Success!

Establish a consistent calorie intake. When you are trying to maintain your lean muscle mass it’s not only a good idea to eat the same amount of calories a day, but also to eat at regular intervals.  It is recommendable to eat every 2 to 3 hours or to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. (Remember that a portion of a food is about the amount you can hold in your hand.) It is important that our body feels safe and knows that it will be receiving calories on a consistent basis; otherwise, not knowing when it will get its next meal, it sort of panics and enters into a starvation mode and instead of using the good calories that you feed it, it may begin to rob the proteins needed for your lean muscle and even begin the process of holding on to and storing calories as fat.

Eat enough lean protein. Protein is the primary building block for our muscles and the key to feeding them properly is to give them the lean protein they need.  Salmon, lean white chicken breast, white turkey, beans, soy, and low fat yogurts can be great sources.


Use your Head!

Keep yourself informed. Reading about health and fitness will not only keep you up to date on the latest diet and exercise techniques, providing you with new ideas that you can use in the gym to Mix it Up!, but it is a great way to stay motivated. For example did you know that according to some important university studies keeping your house/apartment warm can help you maintain your lean muscle mass?  Keeping your muscles warm helps stimulate circulation which can help prevent our muscles from atrophying. Who knew? So maybe, instead of that icy blast of air-conditioning, you may want to consider a fan this summer.


Cardio, cardio, cardio!

As well as continuing your High Intensity Weight training program you have to keep up your aerobic training. This is the best way to burn a huge amount of calories and to get your body into its fat burning zone and of course is a great way to keep our heart healthy and fit as well as maintain our overall general health, both physical and mental.


Until next time and enjoy the motivational video!