The maintenance of this kind of furniture will depend on the type of wood, texture and finish used to build the same; you cannot look after an antique piece in the same way as you would treat a Baby Grand Piano or an MDF cabinet; remember that wood tends to age and the exposure to sun and external factors tends to produce a darkening effect on certain areas; however you can easily remove stains from wood furniture. This is probably one of the reasons why MDF is becoming a very popular material to build bookcases, TV stands and tables.


The best way to protect your wood furniture is by polishing it every week; however, avoid using low quality products; it doesn’t mean cheap products as there are plenty of inexpensive products on places such as Amazon or your local supermarket that are of very high quality. When searching for a cleaning product make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol and ammoniac - this chemicals damage the surface of the wood; and read the reviews carefully, both positive and negative.


Remove Fingerprint and Smudges

Method Wood For Good SprayCredit: AmazonThe dust on the surface of any furniture must be cleaned with a soft piece of cloth and a non-wax formula; the best one you will find on Amazon is the Method Wood For Good Spray; this cleaning product removes smudges, fingerprints and dust from your wood without damaging the surface; it is made from biodegradable oils that offers special care to your furniture and the non-wax formula has the properties of bringing back to life the beauty of you old-looking wood possession, leaving them streak-free and spotlessly clean.


Remove Scratches

Old English Scratch Cover for Dark WoodsCredit: AmazonIn the case of scratches, you can apply a product designed to hide or repair the damaged wood; if you decide to repaint the affected area, make sure to use a color similar to the one of your furniture. Amazon offers one of the best liquid polishers for dark woods: Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Woods; it is especially designed to hide scratches and nicks in wood furniture; you can find it on Amazon’s website for as little as $6.95 and it will definitely bring out the shine and beauty of your furniture and cover any scratches and nicks by restoring the surface. It is a product that does exactly what it claims.


Extra Care

At least once a year or every other year, you should put your expensive furniture in the hands of a professional in order to restore the look and polish. If your furniture has an enamel cover or paint, you could easily clean it with a slightly dampened cloth and soapy water (rinse and dry); however, if you own rustic furniture, you must moisture it often in order to retain the look (you can use linseed oil as a moisturizer but you must apply it carefully and avoid overuse).  Wax from candles can be removed easily if you place a small piece of ice on it once the wax hardens and dries. The ice will make it soften and easier to remove.