Earning a $1,000 a month is a lofty goal when you are selling on Fiverr. Many people would lie to earn $1,000 or more from Fiverr each month but it may seem impossible. You basically get $4.00 from every sale because of the Fiverr fees so in order to make $1,000 a month you will need to sell 350 gigs each month.

Time Intensive Gigs?

In order to earn $1,000 a month with Fiverr you will need to sell 8-9 gigs each month. If each gig takes you an hour to complete then you will be earning about $4.00 per hour. This is no way to earn a living off of Fiverr. If you truly want an income of $1,000 or more each month then you need to sell gigs and services that are not time intensive.

If you write unique articles for Fiverr clients then you will be able to earn more money; however you will still be struggling with the fact that there are only so many hours in the day and you will also get burned out writing articles for Fiverr clients. What you need is a single product that you can sell repeatedly.

If you write an eBook or PDF report then you can sell the same report to multiple clients on Fiver. Examples of possible reports you could write and sell on Fiverr include:

  • “How I easily make $500 a Month with Adsense and How You Can DO it Too in Only 1 Hour a Week."
  • “50 Ways to Use Pinterest to Get Affiliate Sales”


Regardless of whether you are creating unique projects for each client or reselling the same report over to each new client you should also be looking at up sells. Forced-up sells will cause you to fail and there will be people who only want the basics for the $5.00 cost; however if you implement this strategy properly you can get a lot of repeat customers and customers who are happy and pay you even more money.

An example of this would be the Logo design artists who sell on Fiverr. They offer a basic logo for $5.00. The most successful logo designers on Fiverr will happily sell basic logos for $5.00 all day long because they know that a certain percentage of their customers will upgrade.

You can sell a basic JPEG logo from $5.00 on Fiverr, and then if you client is happy you can offer them a graphics package for an extra $35.00 that will have the same logo in multiple image files such as PDF. You can do modifications to the logo as part of the package. You also will be able to give them a larger file format so they can actually use their logo in more places than simply the header of their blog.


No Scams

Do not be scandalous. If you are honest upfront and honest with all your customers and you strive to be ethical and honest then you will eventually be able to get a lot of new clients from word of mouth referrals from past clients who used your services and were very happy with them. You will never be able to satisfy all people but if 99% of your feedback is positive then you can expect to earn a lot of money with Fiverr over time.

Many people think you need to have a unique service to be successful on Fiverr. This is not accurate because almost anything unique you come up with for a gig will be copied by multiple other sellers on Fiverr once they see you are being successful with it. Instead of trying to be unique with your service you can instead be unique by offering the best customer service you can. This will trump uniqueness on Fiverr any day of the week.

If it will take their gig being in queue for 5 days before it is ready then put that in your gig so that potential customers will know how long it will take. If you tell them it will be ready in 24 hours but then it takes you 3 days you will lose business and have many upset customers. It is better to tell them it will take 5 days and then get it back to them in 2 days.

Sexy Models and Radio Voices

The one thing you can do to be unique and stand out from the other Fiverr's is by doing something that they cannot copy. If you are a cute girl and want to hold signs on a short video for customers while wearing a bikini then you can do this. Other people can and will hold signs; however nobody will have the same look as you do.

The same strategy goes for men with deep voices. Men with deep voices are high in demand to be used as hosts and narrators of commercials, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

Extra Fast Delivery

Once you have a successful gig with a lot of orders in the queue and an estimated delivery time of 2 weeks then you are set-up properly. At this point you have a steady flow of clients, a huge backlog of work, and the best potential for an upsell. Many people will be happy with your work and then the great comments will get the orders streaming in even faster. Instead of making people wait 2 weeks or more you can instead offer super-fast delivery time of 1 day for an extra $20.00. With the right product such as quality logo design you will get internet marketers who need a logo immediately and will happily pay the extra $20.00 to get the logo the following day instead of waiting for 2 weeks.

Fiverr Truly Works

Fiverr can truly work to earn you a full-time income but you will not make money online fast using Fiverr. You can build up to a $1,000 a month within 2-3 months but it will take a lot of commitment and effort on your part to earn money online quickly with Fiverr.