It is many Americans’ dream to finally quit their nine to five job and make money online working from home!  The problem is how exactly do you do it?  Well, I have done plenty of research, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you can make $43,800 online in  one years from one niche site.  What is a niche site and how do I get one?  That is a good question and that is what this article is about.  I will let you in on the basic steps of creating a niche site that could make you hundreds of dollars literally while you sleep!  Here are the steps:

1) Keyword Research - In short, keyword research is about finding a phrase that lots people would type into Google, but not many big-name websites already exist about that phrase.  To do this you can use Google’s free Adwords tool, but I would recommend purchasing Market Samurai, which will make your the process go a whole lot faster and you will find a lot better keywords to use.  There are many tutorials on the web about how to do keyword research and how to use Market Samurai, so you should also check them out.

2) Build a Site - The first thing to do is to purchase a domain name that matches your exact keyword!  For example, if I am going to be creating a niche site whose primary keyword will be “how to make niche sites,” I would want my website to be  There are many great website hosting registers out there like GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.  You will also need a hosting plan.  Then you have to actually create your website, which I use Wordpress to do.  You can also pay someone to create your website if you prefer.  You will want your site to include content about your niche (I would recommend at least ten blog posts minimum) as well as some way to monetize it.  Some ways to monetize your site are to use Google’s Adsense program, affiliate marketing through Clickbank, or writing your own eBook and selling it.  There are many tutorials online on how to use each of these monetization methods effectively.

3) Drive Traffic to Your Site - If you want to make money with your niche site, you will want as many people as possible visiting it.  To do this, my advice is to take the ten original articles you posted on your site, spin them, and post them on article sites around the internet such as  Once again there are more detailed instructions on how to spin articles and use article marketing effectively.  Also, consider contacting a few big-name bloggers in your niche and ask to write a guest post.  This will make some of their followers interested in you as well as long as you have good, relevant content on your site.

4) Keep Marketing Your Site - Use article marketing for all of your articles and keep writing more.  If your content is good enough, and enough people search for your keyword phrase each day, (this is why keyword research is so important!) you will begin to see dozens and then hundreds of people visit your site each day!  This is where the fun begins!  After several months (probably around 2-4 depending on how hard you work) you will be ranked number one on Google for your keyword phrase and you will have a steady flow of traffic.  If you have monetized your site well enough, you will also be seeing a steady flow of cash!  This is where my title comes into play.  The first year your will probably not make as much as the title suggests, but the second year is when you will hopefully begin raking in the cash!

5) Money Time! - Here are my calculations on how you will hopefully be making at least $42,320 your second year of running your niche site!  Say you did some good keyword research, and found a niche phrase that drives 600 people to click on the first link in Google.  This is not out of the ordinary be any means in the niche site world!  Now, let’s say you use Google Adsense on your website’s homepage and just 5% of your site’s daily visitors clicked on an ad.  This is a very conservative percentage.  If you did your keyword research right you will be hopefully be making at bare minimum $0.50 a click from Google.  600 visitors a day x .05 percent click-through rate x $0.50 per click = $15.00 a day!  That is $5,475 a year, just from Adsense.  Now is where the real fun begins!  Say you are an affiliate for an eBook on Clickbank about your niche where you get paid around $10 per sale from your affiliate link.  This is once again not out of the ordinary.  Now let’s say only 2% of your site’s daily visitors buy that eBook.  Only two measly percent!  600 people visit your site daily x .02 percent purchase rate x $10 per sale = $120 a day!  You are literally making money while you sleep!  Now how much does that add up to a year?  Drum roll please...$43,800!  Now add in your Adsense earnings and you have a cool $49,275!  Almost $50,000 in one year from around three month’s work!

 This is not a pipe-dream folks.  Real people do make this kind of money each year with just one niche site.  Just think about it.  You barely even have to touch the site anymore and you still keep getting a check for almost $50,000 each year because you worked hard for a few months.  It’s amazing!  Now, just think about if you create two niche sites!  This is not a scam, this is not a get rich quick scheme, this is about putting in the hard work now so you can continuously reap in the benefits later!  You really can do it!  Believe in yourself and you will succeed!