This is one delicious breakfast sandwich that could be your new favorite!

Breakfast sandwiches are a favorite of many but, can add too many calories to the diet contributing to obesity, high cholesterol or other health concerns especially if you buy them from a fast food restaurant.

Healthier Breakfast Sandwich RecipeCredit:

My wife makes this for me when I'm on the golf course and making the turn and it's my new favorite sandwich for any time of day. It could be the key to my better game and yes, I tell her so! The guys I golf with are all addicted to this breakfast sandwich too and now I have to place our order before I get to the tee box so she can have them all ready for us. Try this version of a healthier breakfast sandwich that can be enjoyed any time of day.


Things You'll Need:

Whole grain english muffin

Turkey bacon

Fresh Egg/egg substitute

Low fat cheese


Apple butter

Step 1

Use Turkey Bacon

If you haven't tried turkey bacon yet, trust me, it's delicious and so much healthier for you than slab type bacon. If you haven't had it yet, you might be surprised that it keeps its shape instead of shrinking down the way pork bacon does. Add one slice of turkey bacon per sandwich into a sauté or frying pan. You can also microwave it for 3-4 minutes if you'd rather. Cook on medium heat until crispy. Remove turkey bacon onto a paper towel to blot excess grease, cut each slice in half.

Step 2

Use non-stick saute or frying pan

In a separate sauté or frying pan, spray bottom of pan lightly with cooking spray or just use a non stick sauté pan. If you need non stick pans, this is my choice for the best non stick  pans. As a Chef, I'll say that owning just one good pan could improve your cooking skills tremendously.You'll get two as a set here and for way less than fancy, expensive brands. I love the rubber handle, the ease of cleaning, the commercial quality and it will last for years.

Crack one egg per breakfast sandwich into the pan or use egg substitute instead for cholesterol concerns. Cook on low until the opaque of egg begins to turn white.

Step 3

Use fresh egg or egg substitute

Using a spatula, lift egg gently so it doesn't stick, then tap the center of yolk to crack it. Flip egg and continue cooking, an additional minute. Flip one more time so that the yolk is fully cooked and won't be dripping onto the sandwich.

Step 4

Choose a low fat cheese

Add 1/4 slice of low-fat cheese to each egg in the pan and place a lid on top of the sauté pan to melt the cheese. Reduce heat to lowest setting. The heat will create a steaming effect to melt the cheese.

Step 5

Add fresh tomato

Slice a fresh tomato into thin sandwich slices and set aside to be used as the breakfast sandwich gets built. Add a few sprinkles of pepper only, no salt is needed with this recipe as the goal is to create a healthier breakfast sandwich and the bacon and cheese already contain salt.

Step 6

Use a whole grain muffin for the most health benefits

 Toast the whole grain english muffin or a whole wheat bagel for this breakfast sandwich. (See below for the best value on a case of bagels, gluten free and suitable for freezing). When fully toasted, use apple butter instead of butter to spread on each side of muffin. Apple butter gives a sweet taste without adding fat or calories and can be used on many sandwiches. It's delicious with this combination of ingredients!

Step 7

Enjoy a healthier breakfast sandwich

Build the breakfast sandwich with whole grain english muffin, which has the apple butter on each side, add one egg with melted cheese, add one slice of turkey bacon cut in half, add a slice or two of tomato and the other half of english muffin. Serve with a side of fresh fruit. Cut up apples, pear or a handful of grapes in a zip lock baggie work great for my golf outings.  Enjoy and share this delicious, healthy version of breakfast sandwich any time of day!

Pack into zip lock bags for your favorite golfer or other outdoor event! Let me know how it improves your golf game!

Tips & Warnings

  • Eggs are easily digested and can be enjoyed for any meal, use fresh eggs in moderation to reduce cholesterol

  • This breakfast sandwich recipe requires no additional salt as the cheese and turkey bacon already contain salt

  • Apple butter is an excellent substitute for butter/margarine as it contains no fat, or sodium and adds only 47 calories per tablespoon

  • Learn to read nutritional labels on the back of packaging for the most accurate information

  • Always use caution when cooking, do not leave the area

  • Keep children and pets away from hot stove

  • Keep handles of saute' or frying pans toward the back of stove for safety

Cheers to your good health!


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