Regardless of the color of your couch, this black and white throw pillow is a gorgeous accent. You can make this simple throw pillow with any fabric that will go with your decor. It requires minimal sewing and can be a quick project to spruce up you living room or any room that could use an extra throw pillow.

I've used this technique for a black and white throw pillow on my couch. I've also put a few pillows on my bed to brighten up my bedroom. These pillows reside on various chairs around my home. It really is a must have technique for simple interior design.

Things You Will Need

Large square piece of fabric

Square throw pillow to cover


Matching Thread

Oversized Button

Step 1

Square Cloth

Start with a square piece of fabric. It should be roughly twice the size of the the square throw pillow, maybe a tad larger depending on how plump your pillow is. The edges will need to be hemmed, but that is the only sewing needed for this entire project. Then, lay down the square piece of fabric flat, pattern side down.

Step 2

Pillow Centered on Cloth

Place the pillow in the middle of the fabric at a 45 degree angle. The four corners of the pillow should nearly touch the four corners of the fabric.

Step 3

Top FoldedBottom FoldedOne Side FoldedAll Folded

Fold each of the corners into the center of the pillow, one at a time. I do the top and bottom first, then the two sides. Makes sure that each corner touches the others in the middle of the pillow.

Step 4

Button Added

Sew the corners together using an over-sized button or any button that you find suitable. The button is optional, as you could just sew them together as is. You should then try to hide the stitching in the fabric's pattern or by using identical thread to the fabric's color. I like using the button because it makes it a double-sided pillow that can have a different look by turning it over. It adds an extra decorative flair.

This process is as simple as folding a piece of paper into an envelope. Anyone can make this simple throw pillow cover. Once you make one, you may find several places that can be enchance with this simple inexpensive throw pillow.

Tips & Warnings

Play with the size of the fabric to make sure it fold over the whole pillow nicely without puckering. The size of the fabric square will depend on how plump your pillow is.