Want to know how to make a wedding arch?  Weddings can get very expensive and saving where you can without taking away from the look or theme you are going for can get difficult, but if you have your heart set on a wedding arch for your special day then there are a few ways you can go about this.


Make your own out of helium balloons and fishing line:How to Make a Wedding Arch(99144)Credit: morguefile.com

You can create a very simple line of balloons like the one pictured or you can make fuller looking ones, your choice.

One very simple way to create a fast and full arch is to get strong fishing line and lots of colourful balloons in your theme colours of course, and then using helium, blow up the balloons and tie two together.

Take your fishing line and work out just how much you will need based on the height and size of the arch you would like.  Don’t forget to allow for the balloons taking up room.

Take 2 sets of two balloons tied together and twist them into groupings of 4 then twist around the fishing line which you will have secured to heavy objects such as back of heavy chairs.

Get the balloons as close together as you can, and then after filling the line with your balloons, get two weighted sand bags or weights (the type you would use for patio gazebos) and place them at each end of your line.

With help put your arch in place and put the weights closer together to form a higher arch. The helium with create the height.

This works really well, and if you have a helium machine, it works quite fast, but the downside to this type of arch is that it can’t be done until the day or the night before because the helium doesn’t last for more than a day usually.

Natural looking

You could place two urns on either side of the area with large tall shrubs or small trees and then string together lights at the top to create a natural forming arch.  It will cost you the purchase of the potted plants and possibly the urns you would rather have them planted in.  This looks great but can get expensive too.

Simple Wire Structure

You can rent basic wire arches, but did you know you can get them for quite cheap online at sites such as Amazon?  Many already come with twinkle lights and are ready to decorate.

This Wedding Arch Comes with Lights

By basically starting with a plain wedding arch, you can add your décor and no one will tell that you spent less on this arch!

You could purchase the one above that comes complete with lights, and then personalize it in the themes of your wedding colours.

The beauty of this, is that you can then put it in your garden after to let vines grow up on it, and it now has a second use! 

So, if you have been wondering how to create one, you just need to decide on the theme, if you are clean and simple lines then creating your own from garden pots or balloons works well, but maybe getting yourself a basic wire archway that you can decorate to your tastes would be the easiest way and then you can do this ahead of the wedding day.

 You don’t have to spend hundreds on the wedding arch it can be a simple frame that you decorate to your tastes.  You can get these at many wedding stores but may get expensive, consider shopping online at sites such as Amazon, and find one that you can decorate and make your own for under 50 dollars.