A lot of new internet marketers begin by trying affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money working from home; however most new internet marketers will fail at affiliate marketing. There are numerous ways that new internet marketers will fail at affiliate marketing and here are some of the reasons why so that you can make affiliate marketing work for you.

Banner Farms

Many new affiliate marketers begin their attempt at affiliate marketing by taking a banner from a high paying affiliate company, putting it on a static webpage, and then add too many banners to the same page. There is no content on these pages because it is just a lot of banners. After they add a bunch of banners they sit around waiting for traffic and then get discouraged when they get no visitors and no money. Many of these people will quit affiliate marketing and go and seek a new way of earning money online. Banner Farms do not work, have never worked, and will not work for you.


Sex SellsCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anothervision21/8220747773/Some affiliate marketers who are new to the game have heard the motto “content is king”. This is absolutely true, especially if you want to make money. Content can be construed as articles, videos, or anything else such as infographics that attract people from the search engines and keeps them there.

Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of simply trying to get away from having to create unique content. You must create good content and do it regularly in order to get visitors. With no visitors then you will get no ad clicks. With no ad clicks you will get no sales. With no sales you will be forced to continue working your crappy 9-5 job at the local factory. If you want to make money then you need to have a lot of good content. Without content you have nothing to monetize.


Without content you have nothing to monetize.  I have stated that above, but it is not entirely true because there are some affiliate marketers who are very adept at using pay per click (PPC) traffic and driving it directly to the affiliate program they are monetizing. You may push traffic to an affiliate website such as a dating site, and spend $100 but earn $125.00 thus giving you a profit of $25.00 for doing little to no work. Many new affiliate marketers attempt to duplicate these results and fail miserably. Many new internet marketers may spend $500 or more on an ad campaign and not get a single sale. In order to make PPC marketing work you need to have a firm understanding of what will or will not work and that comes from testing various campaigns.

It does not matter whether you use Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, or some other platform to run your ads; you need to understand that you will lose money if you are not very careful.


You need traffic. With no traffic you will get no clicks on your affiliate links and with clicks on your affiliate links then you cannot earn any sales. Affiliate marketing does not really work very well until you are getting 3-4 thousand page views per day minimum. Once you are getting that amount of traffic then you can almost count on daily sales if you are promoting the right products.

You will get a lot of traffic from the search engines by writing a lot of articles, Facebook ads, ad words, and other PPV traffic. If you are not creating good content that the readers find interesting and trust then you will not convert near as many sales as you cold otherwise. If you cannot write very well then outsource it.

For traffic you should ideally be using a combination of organic traffic, paid ads on Facebook and Adwords, YouTube videos, and other sources including natural social networking traffic from Pinterest and Tumblr. If you are relying solely on Google for traffic then you can see your business end at anytime if Google changes their search algorithm.


If you want to be successful at affiliate marketing then you need to specialize in niches. If you want to promote an adult dating website then your blog should revolve around topics related to adult dating. If you have a general blog and you promote random affiliate products then your conversions rates may be astronomically low.


Blog(121519)Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anniemole/85515856/Your blog should be of the utmost quality. By quality I am referring specifically to the content of the blog. If you have crappy and boring articles that look like they were outsourced to a 3rd grader in Pakistan. If your content is boring and your website sucks then you will not get return visitors and most of your one time visitors will immediately click the back button. Quality trumps quantity on content but you still need a lot of content also. One article a week is not enough to make you rich.

Build a List

On you blog you need to start an email list where people can opt-in with their email address. If you have a large list of subscribers who opted in and love to get your emails that inform them of interesting things then they will open up your emails and read them. Occasionally you can add in a link to a product you are promoting and make some money. Of you list is large enough and targeted enough then you can make a full-time living off of just your opt-in email list of subscribers. If you are not working on building a list using AWeber or something similar then you are simply hurting your chances and making big money down the road. If you are balking at the $20.00 a month cost for AWeber then you are not at the level you need to be to take affiliate marketing seriously. If you cannot afford $20.00 for AWeber then you are not serious about being a top affiliate marketer.