Beaded fringe is a unique way to revitalize old accent pillows or add some pizazz to your clothing, t-shirts, purses and even sandals.

Things You Will Need

* Seed beads

*Contrasting beads

* Beading needles and thread

* Ribbon (optional)

Step 1

You can work directly on theitem or put the beads on a strip of ribbon.

Begin by choosing your bead colors and the pattern.

For a simple pattern begin by knotting the ends of your threaded needle and inserting it into the back of the fabric. Bring the needle to the front. String on 5 beads, 1 contrast bead, and 5 more of the first five beads. Then add an extra 3 beads.

Step 2

Bring the needle and thread back up through the string of beads - skipping the first bead.( The last bead you put on.)

Back at the top insert the needle right next to where you started and bring the thread back out. String on another set of beads and repeat the process.

Continue this procedure until you have completed the section you wanted to add fringe too.

* This is the same procedure that is used to make earrings and necklaces.

* Watch your beads - if you see a mistake - just back track the thread until you reach the mistake and start from there again.

* Be extra careful when taking the thread back up through the beads , it's very easy to skip a bead.

Tips & Warnings