Almost everyone has to have a key chain, so why not make it something to be proud of. Teenagers  especially,  love key chain bracelets for keeping their locker keys and house key in a secure place. Many of us also have a tendency to lay our keys down, so having them on a bracelet will keep them close by.

Things You Will Need

* Elastic cord

* Metal keychain ring

* Assorted beads

Step 1

Cut a piece of the elastic cord that will fit around your wrist plus and additional 4-5 inches.

Choose beads that have a large enough hole so that the cord will fit through it two times.

Step 2

It's best to use solid color plastic or glass beads. However ,the glass beads will be heavier.

You can also use ceramic or clay beads.

String on the beads to the size it will take to fit around your wrist.

Step 3

Add the metal keychain loop. Tie the ends of the cord into a secure double knot.

Apply one or two drops of waterproof glue , such as E6000 or hot glue, to the knot.

Trim off the excess cord.

This bracelet can also double a s a ponytail holder, just twist it around your ponytail, it will stay in place.

This is a very versatile bracelet that can be used in many ways.

Tips & Warnings

* Be careful of using metal beads if you plan to be in the sun for extended periods of time.

*If you swim with a plastic or painted bead bracelet , the beads may discolor in chlorinated or salt water.

Use contrasting beads for added glamour. Alternate the beads by color or design. Your favorite character beads can be used also. For beach wear you can add plastic sea animals or small sea shells.

 They can also be designed according to your favorite hobby. many types of sports beads and buttons can be added.

There is no limit to the colors and designs that can be created.

Also use them as ankle bracelets . Hook one end around a toe to anchor the bracelet.


Beaded Foot BraceletCredit: Gracie L. SprouseAnother use for this bracelet