Going with the trendy fashion can sometimes be expensive especially if you are still a teen. But you can make fashion trend work for you without putting too much strain on your budget. Here is a simple and easy way to transform an old pair of jeans into trendy and unique worn-in jeans that can make you stand out.
Bleaching Denim Jeans

Things You Will Need

Bucket or basin
Rubber gloves
Old newspaper or magazines
Pair of jeans or denim

Step 1

Gather the things you need. You may choose to do this on an old pair of jeans or you can buy a new pair from a thrift store. Begin by pouring the bleach into the bucket or basin.

Step 2

Get the old newspapers or magazines and stuff it inside the pants. You need to make sure that when you apply bleach to the front part of the jeans that it will not seep through to the other side of the pants. This is important to make it look more random and different on each side of the pants.

Step 3

Using the sponge, dab and drip some bleach onto the jeans in a random fashion. Make it look as random as possible but don't overdo bleaching as we still have to do it one more time.

Step 4

After the first round of bleaching, hang your pants to dry for about an hour. Wash and dry after an hour.

Step 5

Reapply bleach using the sponge in additional areas to make it look like there are two degrees of bleaching done on the jeans. Apply bleach on some areas that you have not applied in the first bleaching. Then apply bleach on some areas that were bleached in the first round. It will make it look more stylish. Hang to dry for three hours before you wash and dry it again. After that, it should be ready to wear.

You do not have to cash out hundreds of dollars just to be able to look like your favorite Hollywood stars. All it takes is creativity and patience. These easy-to-follow DIY articles on how to make bleached denim jeans comes in handy if you need to put a new look to your old pair of pants.

Tips & Warnings

1. Use gloves when bleaching your jeans as it may irritate your hands.
2. Choose a well-ventilated area to do this because bleach gives off strong fumes.
3. Take extra care not to splash bleach in your eyes.