Boneless skinless chicken breast is one of the easiest and healthiest foods to add to your diet. When you are using boneless skinless chicken breast to replace beef and other foods then you will want to come up with various ways to cook it. The following recipe is easy to make and only uses chicken, cheese, and tomato. The chicken should be organic or natural. Meat is one thing that you should try to buy organic if you can because otherwise the animals are fed hormones and things that can make you unhealthy. This boneless skinless chicken breast with tomato and cheese recipe is a step toward health.

Things You Will Need

*boneless skinless chicken breast
*cheese (cheddar, soy cheese, cheese of your choice)
*broiling pan

Step 1

Wash the boneless skinless chicken breast and cut off any excess pieces of fat. While you are doing this you should turn the oven on. Turn the oven on broil. If you put foil under the broiler pan then that will save time on clean up because it catches the oil and grease.

Step 2

Cut a couple of slices of cheese. For the boneless skinless chicken breast with tomato and cheese you actually don't need a whole lot of cheese to affect the taste. This is a good thing because too much cheese adds needless fat.

Cut the tomato. The thinner the slices the easier it will be to put it on the chicken breasts and have it not slide off into a mess. If you like garlic, cut some thinly sliced garlic to put on the chicken breast with cheese and tomato. It will completely change the taste of the dish so you might try it with and without or just scrap the garlic if you are not a fan. Just another idea for mixing things up.

Step 3

Put the chicken breasts on the broiler pan and put them in the oven. Cook them for about five to seven minutes. Take them out of the oven. As long as that side looks like it is pretty done you can flip it over on the pan. Put the chicken breasts back in the oven for about two minutes.

At this point the chicken does not have any cheese or tomato on it.

Step 4

Remove the chicken from the oven. Place the tomato on the chicken breast. Take the cheese and lay it out on the chicken breast over the tomato. Add the garlic now too if you are using it. You want to cook the chicken until it is almost done before you put the tomato and cheese on it because the cheese will melt completely off if you cook it for too long.

Step 5

Put the boneless skinless chicken breast with tomato and cheese back in the oven to finish cooking. Once this is done you can serve it with broccoli or sweet potatoes for extra health benefits. Sweet potatoes help in the weight loss process.

Make sure that your chicken is done before serving. To check if it is done you should be able to stick it with a fork and have clear juice come out. When all else fails you could use a meat thermometer although I've never used one on this.


Tips & Warnings

*Make sure you don't ingest raw chicken. You can get Salmonella and it's not fun.
*If you are used to cooking chicken then use your own cooking times. This is just a guess at the actual times because every oven varies. If you are using a convection oven it will cook the chicken faster.