Poster frames sometimes can seem a little bit cheesy. However, this can be a little bit expensive just because you do need such a large frame. You can really find ways to incorporate this into your everyday living spaces instead of just making sure that it's appropriate for the basic teenager's room.

One thing that you can really consider is going with a slightly more expensive piece. This will probably just still use a basic plexiglass frame instead of traditional glass. This saves you a lot of money, but it also ensures that the pieces aren't too heavy. In this case it's really important for you to go with a metallic finish. This can seem a little bit dated so you may just want to go with stainless steel or a silver design style. In this case it's really great for you to just incorporate more elegant materials especially if you're using it in a living room. The basic black cheap poster frame won't work here.

However, this doesn't mean that the basic black cheap poster frame never works. You can use it to really add dimension to your wall. In this case you want to make the cheaper elements disappear. Right now black walls are really all the rage. This can really work to your advantage. This can be the inspiration for your color scheme although you probably don't want to use black walls all over the room. You should also make sure that the subject matter matches this. In this case it should be black and white for more of a modern or contemporary kind of feeling.

You can also really use a more seamless kind of design style. This is also going to be one of your more expensive options but it's going to be something that most people haven't seen before. In this case you want to go with more of a plexiglass design. It can appear frameless. This is going to protect your posters. At the same time it almost disappears against the wall.

Another really fun idea for movie poster frames is going to be to go with more of a vintage effect. In this case you're going to have to make a few compromises. You can cut down the size of the poster. This is especially true of cheap posters. Usually posters are usually easily identifiable just because they are so inexpensive. Usually when someone has a very large print it's a poster. However, changing up the size slightly is also going to totally change the perception of it.

This can be the entire focal point of your room. In this case you want to skip the plastic poster frame. Instead go with more of a metallic design style. This can have a collage kind of effect. It can even have several posters hanging from the same rod. It can also have several different sizes of picture frames. This is instantly going to give you an art gallery effect. It's going to be one of the least expensive options that you can buy but it can really be worth it. This is a way just to display a lot of artwork in a more sophisticated way so it's perfect for a teenagers room where there's usually tons of posters.