Are children today less active and less creative than they were only a few generations ago?

Of course there is an element of the truth in the saying that the older generation will always claim that everything was different AND better in the good old days. This article will take one step back and look at the issue with objective eyes and if there are differences then the explanation will be searched mainly as the responsibility of the parents and other adults.

Many claim that the children of this generation are only only active and creative when it comes to playing online games. Or that most of the time children sit inactively in front of the TV screen, and if they in that situation change from being inactive to active, then it is only to zap from watching TV to play video games instead.

Of course there are many interactive educational video games, so game playing isn't always a negative activity. Educational Video Games and Online Games can be a great way to make children interested in learning new subjects.

But you have to think of it as a metaphor: Your child is just like a clay pot that can be molded and shaped into something useful and productive or something non-productive. The first couple of years the pot is formed, later you have to consider what is filled in the pot. And both periods are your responsibility, not the child's.

There was a time when children used to freak out by playing basketball and volleyball on the streets with a bunch of friends of all ages. Today, children mostly understand the play-words related to computer and video games. They are pleased to sit at their homes and playing games on the Internet or mobile phones.

Recent technology developments have made people lose interest in many traditional activities. Or they have no time to activate their kids in a creative way. Those parents who are observant of all these problems are hunting for ways by which they can make their child more active and creative.

You might get several clues about how to make your child active and creative after reading some of the creative suggestions mentioned below. However, in order to see the real improvement in your child you will have to work hard yourself instead of leaving the responsibility to the computer and the TV.

Some guidelines are:

Make your child a part of creative contests: If you are hard working, then you may only get weekends for spending time with your children. But it is necessary for you to make that limited time into *quality time* in order to make your child active and creative.
Nowadays, many activities are presented as contests which are held in societies helping to grow the creativity of kids. Whether it is a coloring contest or a general knowledge quiz then make your child participate actively in it. These contests help you in exploring the hidden talents of your kid. It is often seen that many parents get astonished after looking at a drawing created by their child. Once your children will start interacting with other children through these contests they will automatically become more active and creative.

Let your child imitate you: Try to understand the actions of your child. Whether your children wants to use your apparel or whether they want to cook with you, then let them do that instead of saying "no". This will also contribute to your child's activity and creativity.

Try to be a part of all the activities your child is doing: Invite other children in your neighborhood and let them play, dance, and perform art such as theater role playing, music, and painting contests. And do not limit the participating children by only inviting children of the same age group as your own.

Understand the child's imagination: Books are the way to add power to your child's imagination. Children love fairy tales. But your way of explanation can make your child imagine beyond the story. Suppose you are telling your child a story about pumpkin land, then let him question you about the place, atmosphere, creatures, etc. Every small question will make them active and creative. Sooner or later they may narrate a self composed story to you.

Let your child interpret: Bring colors for your children. Let them draw their interpretation of items. Or you can give you child clay for playing. With clay your child can make anything they want to. Most of the parents get agitated when their children draw on the walls of their home. But you shouldn't only stop this creative outburst. Give instead painting brushes and color to encourage the artistic talent. One of the toys that can activate the creativity of children is LEGO, but do not only buy the boxes where LEGO have decided what should be built. Buy some of the basic sets with many bricks in different colors and let your child decide what should be constructed.

Learn you child to make a choice: Even at a very early age allow your child to decide the menu for lunch or dinner once a week on a specific day. A little later let the children participate in the cooking.

Do not force anything: Don't decide what you want your children to do based upon your own interests. All children want freedom. So, you should never force them to do what you yourself wish you had been taught as a child, even if you regret that you never learned to play piano or whatever. Your children have their own dreams, don't impose yours on them. If they refuse to paint on the paper you give them and instead fold it into different shapes, then: Don't worry, be happy!

Give your children those books and creative toys that they want: Do not just buy study books or other purely educational study material. Give your child craft kits, puzzle books, drawing books, story books, poem books, nature books, history books, and even some mythological books

Remember that your home is not a school: Do not create a new meaning of *homework*. Creativity cannot be imposed through work forced upon children, they will become active and creative through their own creations, observations, questions and answers.

Most important of all, remember this: You are as a parent the role model to your child. So, begin to do creative things yourself. You might claim that you don't have the time for craft kits, painting, or folding paper. However, the truth is that if you let your brain participate in creative activities, then you will gain extra strength to your daily work.
The result will be that you and your children grow together to become more active and creative.

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