Thinking about giving handmade Christmas gifts this holiday season? Then why not make Christmas gift baskets to give to your family and friends? If you think it is too time-consuming and expensive, think again. Just in case you do not know yet, making Christmas gift baskets on your own will certainly give you loads of excitement, not to mention that such presents are among the inexpensive and hot Christmas gifts this year – with a more personal touch involved. All you need is a little creativity and preparation and you are all set to do this enjoyable project. Keep in mind that it would be better to do this in advance so that you still have time to make changes in case something better came up.

For all of us, Christmas is a season to share and spend more quality time with the people close to our hearts, and with this thought comes the idea of giving our loved ones the most special gift possible. And because we want to give them something different, sometimes it is rather difficult to look for that "unique present". Thankfully, there are gifts like Christmas gift baskets that make the search a lot easier for us.

You can buy pre-filled gift baskets online and in several department stores, but there are people who prefer making them on their own to ensure that everything that is included in the gift basket perfectly matches the recipient's personality or hobby. And if you happen to be one of those people who are very artistic, you can create a unique design that you are going to put around the basket.

Things to Remember When Making Christmas Gift Baskets

Before you create your very own Christmas gift baskets, you have to consider the interests or hobby of every person you intend to give these gift baskets to. Does she like gardening? Is he a basketball or baseball fanatic? Does she love to read novels? For your gift basket to look professional, select the main idea and then bring all the stuff to be included in the basket together. Gift basket themes are limitless, and the most popular ones are the following:

  • Wine gift baskets normally have 1-2 bottles of wine, few packs of gourmet cheese, lovely wine glasses, and cheese spreaders or markers. You can also complete the package with some cloth napkins if you wish.
  • There are people who are so enthusiastic about the Christmas season, so why not give them a gift basket that is Christmas-related? Christmas lover gift baskets should have peppermint bark candies, candy canes with red and green stripes, and a film or book about Christmas. You can decorate the basket with a tiny wreath or a couple of poinsettias all over.
  • Movie night gift baskets are perfect for those who love to watch movies at home every now and then. The gift basket should have a few microwave popcorn bags, potato chips, 1-2 DVDs, and some sweet treats. In case you are unsure of what the recipient's favorite movie genre is, you can just include a movie rental shop gift certificate so he/she gets to choose the movie he/she plans to watch.
  • Book lover gift baskets are obviously for those who love to read books. You can load the basket with a few feel-good books or novels, hot cocoa drinks, cute bookmarks, a mug, marker (some people tend to mark beautiful passages or quotes they come across to while reading), and a journal.

  • For those who love gardening, then gardening gift baskets are your best bet. What you can include in the basket is a pair of durable gardening gloves, several seed packets, a gardening tips book, and small trowel. You can also add a cute, tiny pot or better yet, get a much bigger pot that will serve as the basket itself.
  • For coffee addict gift baskets, you can put a nice-looking mug and different gourmet brews so that the recipient has a lot to choose from. To complete the package, add some dark chocolate bars, cookies, and 1-2 bags of coffee beans covered in chocolate.
  • Kids get really excited when they get lots of different stuff, so children's gift baskets must have toys, activity games, crackers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and some potato chips. Board games as well as card games and puzzles are great to include. As for the toys, you can put small toy cars and trucks (for the boy recipient) or cute plastic jewelry (for the girl recipient).
  • Chocolate gift baskets are very easy to make, not to mention that they are appreciated by almost all people. After all, who wouldn't want a gift that is filled with mouth-watering gourmet chocolates? A tiny basket or box of luxurious chocolate truffles to satisfy someone with a sweet tooth is always better than a huge pack of less tempting chocolates.

Remember that the size of your container or basket has a bearing when it comes to making your own Christmas gift baskets; this is to ensure that each and every item will fit just right inside. You can check out craft stores or discount stores for big containers or wicker baskets.

Of course, you have to make sure that all the stuff is protected so that they stay in one place, thus avoiding the possibility of breakage or spillage. What you can do is to add a tissue paper or torn cellophane at the inside bottom of the basket. Another option is a small size kitchen towel – a very ideal one for gift baskets that are kitchen or gourmet-related. You can also use colorful tissue papers that are cut into strips or shredded raffia.

Furthermore, when arranging the items inside the container or gift basket, make sure to place the big items at the back and the smaller ones at the front. Check if all of them are equally proportioned in the gift basket. When you are done with this, the last thing to do is to wrap the basket using a hard-wearing cellophane. Start at the bottom and then form a knot on top of the basket. You should have 2 sheets of cellophane in case your baskets are big, and fasten them with the use of a clear tape or rubber band underneath. Secure the top using a tulle or ribbon, adding a large tulle-made bow afterward.