Club Penguin is a very popular game, especially with kids. If you are a member, you can buy all kinds of clothes for your penguin character and you can also buy lots of furniture for your igloo. But to buy everything, you need to have coins. Coins are earned from playing the different mini-games in Club Penguin, but some of the games are much better than others for earning coins. This guide will show you how to earn coins in Club Penguin very quickly playing the Cart Surfer game without using any cheats or hacks.

Things You Will Need

You will need a Club Penguin account.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to go to the Mine and then go inside and click on the carts to play the game. Click yes and then read the instructions to learn the basic controls.

Step 2

The way to get the most points (and coins) is to do the same two moves over and over again. They are the backflip and the spin moves and they both have special key combos. To do the backflip, press the down arrow and then the spacebar. To do the spin, press the spacebar and then either the left arrow or the right arrow. It doesn't matter which arrow. Don't hold the first key down. They are separate key presses.

So remember, backflip is down then space and spin is space then arrow.

Keep alternating these two moves to get the most points. You get 100 points for a backflip and 80 points for a spin move. Only do the special moves on the straight parts of the tracks and not on the turns or you will crash.
Cart Surfer is the best way to earn coins really quickly and can be a lot of fun if you learn these two moves and do them over and over again.

Tips & Warnings