Meal time boring? Is everyone to involved in trying to watch television while they eat. There are many people who are very strict about meal time and allow no television. However many households have a TV going in almost every room of their home. Unfortunately, the dinning room is usually next to the family room. And the television set is on, while you may be trying to have conversations the rest of the family is absorbed in the television.

There are some fun ways to strike- up conversation at the dinner table. One way is to color up the evening with some fun foods. Food coloring is a great conversation starter, try serving up their favorite foods with some blues and greens. A big green chicken sitting on the table is definately going to get someones attention. I bet they will be talking and laughing in no time. How about some purple mashed potatoes, or some orange noodles the kids will get a kick out of it. This will probably be more interesting than whatever is on television. Next time you are in the mood to liven things up just remember to bring some color to your dinner table.

Speghetti night, try something new, tell your family your gonna forget the forks and use spoons. That will get them talking, and probably giggling. Make it a game tell them the person who can eat without spilling it on themselves while using a spoon, gets to pick desert the next day. If that does not impress them, then leave out silverwear altogether. That should raise some eyebrows, eat speghetti with just your hands, see how that goes over. Be ready for some fun comments with that, like" mom are you nuts"? To what?" Thats gross". Its a good ice breaker and will really get them talking.

Meat loaf night yum, who love's comfort food? We all love comforting foods like meatloaf, have you ever thought about spicey meatloaf. Maybe one night add some heat to your loaf. Thats sure to get there attention. Add some of your favorite chilli peppers, or some chilli powders or whatever you like and give it some heat. That will grab there attention and surely get them talking.

Another fun idea, have finger foods one night like chicken nuggets and fries. Have blindfolds next to everyone's plate. The family will probably start talking before they even sit at the table. It will be really fun. Have everyone try to eat while blindfolded, it will be fun finger foods work best, less mess. They will be laughing and talking more in no time. Next time its dinner time, use your imagination and have fun.