Do you have some webkinz or small stuffies hanging around on your kids beds? Do you have some old denim jeans that you are not wearing anymore?

Put these two together, and you have a great craft. Recycled Denim Pouch Pockets.

You can hang these on the wall, and they look cute. They can be decorated and personalized by your kids, they are fun. Even teens like them. If you make a few, you can dedicate one wall to these cute crafts, you just need to hang them up, and you are done!  The perfect way to use up old worn out jeans.

They can be decorated with fabric pens, beads, acrylic paints, embroidery and more.  These are really cool.

denim pouch pocket


Things You Will Need

Very little sewing involved, depending on the style of hanger you want for your pouch pockets.

1. Large denim back pockets from clean denim jeans

2. sharp scissors that can cut through denim

3. good sewing needle for hand sewing, or a good denim needle for the sewing machine.

4. lots of decorative supplies, such as paints, beads, iron on patches, or anything you want.

Step 1

finished denim pouch pocket

1. Take your clean jeans, and lay them out with the back pockets facing you on the table.

2. Take your sharp scissors and cut around your pocket right through the fabric of the jeans. You can leave some length under the pocket, like I did, to make fringe, but this is optional.

3. Cut out the inseam from your jeans to any length you want, this will be your hanger, and sew it to either side of the pocket. You can either do this by hand or machine. If you find this too bulky, you can also use decorative cord for the hangers instead of the denim seam.

4. Then decorate your pocket. You can finish the edges of the pocket with decorative trims, or leftover craft supplies. You can paint on this denim pouch pocket, like I did. Soft worn denim, makes a great canvas for acrylic paints, and they are washable too!

You can then make yourself a bulletin board and hang all your denim pouches, and use them for storage, as well as for webkinz or other stuffies, or anything to clear up clutter. They make great storage pouches for pens and pencils too.

If you want to make the fringe, as I did, then you need to leave some denim under them when cutting out your back pocket. You then clip them into fringe, and throw them in the washer and dryer (do a few at a time) and you will end up with fuzzy fringe. If you don't want the fringe, as pictured, then just cut around them as close as you can.

You can even use other parts of the cut up jeans for bling! Such as the metal button from the waistband, or the belt loops, you can make these denim pouch pockets works of art!

They even make great birthday party crafts. Give each child a pocket and supply all kinds of crafts and bling for them to attach, (age appropriate of course!) and then fill these denim pouch pockets with some goodies as your favor bag.

This is a great way to recycle denim and clean up your kids room at the same time.

Tips & Warnings

if you do make the denim fringe, just make sure and empty your dryer lint trap, as it will get full from denim fuzzies!