Cut FlowersWhether you are lucky enough to receive flowers from a loved one, or you have your own beautiful flowers that you cut from your garden, you definitely want to extend the life and beauty of those gorgeous blooms. Here are a few tips to make those cut flowers last longer.

Things You'll Need:

Cut flowers


Warm water




Step 1

Fill your vase with warm water. This will help the blooms to open up.

Step 2

Add 2-4 drops of bleach to the water and stir it around. The bleach will kill the bacteria in the water and slow the growth of new bacteria to extend the life of the flowers. The bleach also ensures that the water stays clear because cloudy water takes away from the beauty of your flowers.

Step 3

Add a large splash of Sprite or 7-Up to the water and stir it around. The sugar acts as a sort of food for the flowers.

Step 4

Now, cut the stems of your flowers down to fit the correct height for your vase. When you do this, cut them at an angle so that they can take in more of the water. Arrange the flowers in your vase and enjoy!

Step 5

Make sure to change the water daily or every other day and if you have the time, cut the stems a little each time to freshen them up. When you change the water, try another tip that works well, which is to crush an aspirin and put it in the water instead of the bleach. I am not sure which tip works best for each kind of flower, so experiment with these and I am confident you will find what works best for you.

Tips & Warnings

*Try all of these tips with different types of flowers just to figure out which works best for your flowers.

*These tips should make your flowers last at least a week or more.

*Only add a few drops of bleach because too much could end up hurting your flowers instead of helping them.