How to Make Decorative Storage Boxes for your HomeCredit: Amberdawn 2011Would you like to know how to make decorative storage boxes for your home? If you have lots of "stuff" that is not adding to your décor, and you'd like to have a more organized look for your home, creating storage that is also decorative can accomplish both things at once. You don't need to spend a lot on custom storage if you have a creative side, because simple cardboard storage boxes can be transformed using decorative paper. So if you'd like to learn how to make de decorative storage boxes, read on.

Things you’ll need:

  • Wallpaper paste
  • Crafting container (I use a rinsed out yogurt container)
  • Cheap 1 inch painting brush (less than $1 at a hardware store)
  • Cardboard storage boxes
  • Decorative paper

Collect cardboard storage boxes with lids. When selecting boxes, consider where you're going to put the decorative storage boxes. For example, if they'll go an open shelf, measure the space and choose boxes to fit. See tips below this article for ideas on where to get free and cheap cardboard storage boxes.

Select wrapping paper that coordinates with your décor. Decide how bold or subtle you would like your decorative boxes to be. Then choose a color and style of decorative paper that you enjoy. See resources below for ideas on customizing your decorative paper.

Cut the decorative paper. First, trace the base of your box and cut it out. Next, trace all 4 sides, keeping them connected to each other so you will be able to wrap it around the sides of the cardboard storage boxes. Turn your lid upside down, and repeat this same process. Trace the base, then trace all 4 sides so you can wrap it around the sides, and them out.

Apply the wallpaper paste to the first piece of decorative paper (the base for the decorative storage boxes). Use a VERY thin layer of paste. That is, dip only the corner of your brush into the goopy paste, and spread it on the decorative paper carefully so you don't rip it.

Lay the base piece of decorative paper on the base of the cardboard storage box. Lay the paper down carefully because you will not be able to "wiggle" it to center it. Do the same for the long piece you cut out to wrap around the sides of your decorative storage boxes. Work slowly to stick the end to the first side, smooth it toward the corner as you turn the box and wrap the decorative paper around the next side, and so on until you've done all 4 sides. Repeat this process for the lid.

Allow your project to dry. Repeat this process for as many cardboard storage boxes as you like in the meantime. After a day of drying, touch the decorative paper to make sure it is no longer tacky, then place your decorative storage boxes in the spot you've selected. Fill them with the items you want easy access to, but wish to hide away. And you're finished! You have simple decorative storage boxes for minimal cost. Good luck with your project.



  • Large boxes of copy paper are good sized, and have lids. Another free source for boxes are liquor stores that give boxes, but they don't always have lids. Some stores that do seasonal displays, such as candy boutiques and department stores, may have decorative boxes from seasonal displays that they get rid of after the season. Finally, if you don't mind paying, craft stores sell decorative storage boxes so even if you find a print you don't like, you can alter them with decorative paper just as you will for the free cardboard storage boxes.
  • If you use too much paste, the paper will get soggy and tear.