If you are looking for a simple recipe to use to cook scrambled eggs that are delicious and have a certain "something", this recipe may be for you. 

The secret to cooking delicious scrambled eggs has less to do with ingredients than it does with technique.  Having said that, I'll show you how to make my scrambled egg recipe step by step.

My recipe stems from the one my Grandma used.  When I was little I watched closely and picked up a couple of key tips that I use to this day.  I have added a secret ingredient that she never did, but that's just because I like it.  The technique is all hers. 

When I was a kid we ate eggs all the time.  Those were the days of bacon, eggs, and toast.  That's not the way we eat any more, but we do make every Saturday morning a scrambled egg morning.  Nobody is running off to work or school and it's time for some home cooking.

Ingredients Needed For Delicious Scrambled Eggs

Let's start with the ingredients that you need.  For every 2 people you plan to feed, use these ingredients.  If you have 1 person or more than 2, the math is simple because I made everything easily divisible. 

  • Egg pan
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 pat of butter
  • 1/4 cup shredded cheddar
  • pinch of salt
  • pepper to taste

That's it.  Do you see the "secret" ingredient?  Don't say it aloud.  It will make a big difference, I promise.

A couple quick words on this list. A non-stick frying pan is a really good idea here.  The risk of overcooking is so much easier to control and you won't end up with the crispy "flakes" that can form on the edges of a steel pan.

I prefer to use real butter when cooking.  End of story.  If you insist on a non-butter alternative, be my guest, but in my opinion you can't beat good old-fashioned butter on the stove top, or any time heat is applied.

Also, I prefer sharp cheddar cheese but feel free to use the style that you like.  And, yes, this is the secret ingredient.  Don't tell anybody if they didn't see you and see what reaction you get.  Of course, those adverse to dairy may want to know.  In a pinch I have used mozzarella or ripped up cheese singles.  Let me just suggest now that you avoid this.  Stick with the cheddar.


Scrambled Eggs Step By Step

Here's how you do it.  Mind the details discussed.  They make a difference.

  1. Mix The Eggs - Crack them, put them in a mixing bowl, and use a fork or wisk to mix them well.  And I do mean well.  If you can lift your fork out and still see a glob, you have more work to do.  Those globs are just fine but they can represent themselves on your plate as white clumps.  I prefer an even color.
  2. Heat The Pan - Use medium to medium high heat.  Many chefs will tell you to cook eggs on high heat and that works great for great chefs.  Most of us end up with eggs that are half overcooked and half undercooked this way.  We are not going for golden brown here.  We are going for consistent yellow.
  3. Melt The Butter - You can add the butter to the pan right after you turn it on.  No need to preheat the pan.  Make sure to get to the next step well before your butter starts to bubble.
  4. Add The Eggs - In the pan they go.  Get to the next two steps quickly now.
  5. Salt And Pepper To Taste - I'll leave off amounts here because this is such a personal choice but these eggs are really going to benefit from both salt and pepper.  There is a big difference between eggs cooked with salt and pepper and eggs sprinkled with salt and pepper after they are cooked.
  6. Add The Cheese - In the pan it goes.  Pssst - The secret ingredient!
  7. Stir Often -  This is the first important "method" to the dish.  Mind these instructions.  Agitate the eggs often.  I mean like every minute.  Stir from the outside of your egg pan in and then redistribute the eggs around the plan.  Think about turning the eggs from the bottom to the top and the eggs from the top to the bottom.  You want them to cook evenly.
  8. Remove From Heat! - This is the second important "method" to the dish.  Mind these instructions as well.  Remove the eggs just before they look done.  A very common mistake of home cooks is that they cook their eggs until they start to look cooked, which will result in dry eggs.  That is far too long.  Eggs continue to cook after you take them off the heat.  Remember, your pan is hot and your eggs cook faster and faster as they go.  If you don't pay attention at the end they will go from not done to overcooked in a minute or two.  You need to take them off just before you think you should to keep your final dish light and fluffy.
  9. Serve - The faster you get your scrambled eggs out of that hot pan and onto a dish, the better.  Again, because they keep cooking, leaving them in the pan for five minutes will result in flat dry eggs on the bottom of your pan.  The greatest presentation, and taste, will be achieved if you get them on the plate fast.
  10. Enjoy! - Serve them up.  Watch happy faces as friends or family marvel at your creation and wonder what your secret is.  (You did hide the cheese right away didn't you?)

The Most Important Lessons

Hopefully you took these most important lessons away from this recipe.  These are the real difference makers.

  • mix the eggs well in a mixing bowl
  • use medium to medium high heat
  • add the secret ingredient (but don't tell and make it sound mysterious)
  • stir often and turn the eggs
  • take them off the heat before they look done
  • get them on the plate quickly
  • spread happiness and joy to those around you

Good luck.  I hope you have much success and become known as the one who makes those awesome scrambled eggs.