Dentures stop fitting snugly for a number of reasons. They may lose shape as one ages, gains weight or loses weight. The dentures may shrink if they become dry. Lose fitting dentures can make eating uncomfortable, make speaking more difficult and can be painful. They can also cause food particles and tobacco to become trapped. This can result in health issues and more dental problems. Here is how to make dentures fit properly.

Things You Will Need

Denture adhesive
Denture cushions

Step 1

Make Dentures Fit Properly

Recognize that, although dentures may fit perfectly when you first get them, they can stop fitting as well. Weight loss, certain medications, receding gums, and shrinkage due to aging can all contribute to poorly fitting dentures.

Step 2

Purchase denture adhesive cream from a drug or discount store. Apply a small amount to the back of the dentures before placing them in your mouth. Some adhesives to try include Fixodent and Super-Poligrip. These adhesives are inexpensive and can make dentures fit properly.

Step 3

Try denture cushions if you do find the results from denture adhesive to be satisfactory. Denture cushions are soft pads that do not have an odor or taste. They are placed in the dentures and create a vacuum that helps prevent slippage.To use denture cushions, soften them in warm water. Press them into the denture groove. Cut to fit if needed. Place the dentures in your mouth where the denture cushion will form to fit your mouth. Ezo is one brand of denture cushions to try.

Poorly fitting dentures can be very uncomfortables. These quick solutions will rectify the problem and make your dentures fit easily.

Tips & Warnings

If possible visit your dentist to have your dentures adjusted. Considering how important it is to have comfortable teeth the cost is well justified. New advances in dentistry have made it possible for on the spot fixing of many issues with dentures.

If you are using a dental adhesive clean your dentures carefully to remove excess residue.

Keep in mind that the longer you wear dentures that do not fit properly the more difficulty and discomfort you will experience. You may even cause damage to the dentures or to your mouth. Try to make the dentures fit as soon as possible, to avoid possible problems.